The video, directed by Glassface and creative directed by Lil Yachty himself, intercuts live-action and animated footage, child and adult Lil Yachty and Young God, and comes complete with the two séance-ing their toy carbon copies to life. On YouTube, the static audio for “BOOM!” has already racked up over 6 million-plus views.

Hannibal – “Good Dreams” Track Premiere

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a singer. I swear it’s the first thing I ever wanted to be. It still is. At first, I just listened to whatever was topping the charts at the time. My parents only listened to Kurdish music, and where I grew up it wasn’t considered cool to listen to rock. But then I saw Metallica’s documentary.

Hippie Sabotage Release Latest Single “FADING INTO FOG”

Californian EDM duo Hippie Sabotage unveil their latest track “FADING INTO FOG” as a surprise event to precede their Bonanza Campout appearance this Saturday, June 23. Hippie Sabotage have also released details for their Fall 2018 ‘Lost California’ Tour, which will hit cities across California as well as Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dwellings Release New Single – “Codphish Joe”

Selfishness: devoted to or caring for oneself; primarily concerned with one’s own personal interests, benefits, and welfare, regardless of others. Selfishness saturates, permeates and consumes the world around us – slowly corroding relationships, friendships and families. Hardship can be an affect to varying degress depending on the circumstances. When consumed by it there are few people willing to sacrifice themselves for the service of others, ultimately making them appear as a stranger to the people that they used to know.

Schaus Premieres “Unread” via KEXP

“Throughout the sprawling, swirling mix of keyboards and drum machines, Schaus uncovers more about himself – tackling internalized toxic masculinity and relearning how to love in a proper way. Maybe when we’re left on read, the anguish isn’t always about us. Maybe there’s a reason why the person at the other end isn’t eager to respond. In examining his own hurt, Schaus finds more about himself.”
-Dusty Henry, KEXP

Songwriter Adam Wright Releases New Album, ‘Dust’

Adam Wright has written thousands of songs by now – some for country music’s reigning legends, including Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Lee Ann Womack; some for he and his wife’s duo, The Wrights; and then there are others that he’s written for himself. Releasing today, Dust compiles 11 of those songs. The album pleads with listeners to take time and think about what they are listening to – for those who do, it provides an in-depth look at carefully crafted songwriting; the kind where each detail is placed with precision and honed with a fine-toothed comb.

Adam Wright Confronts His Inner Dreamer On “Born To Dream”