Review: Thadeus Gonzalez “Silver Inside”

Okay, first of all: THADEUS GONZALEZ! Secondly, SILVER INSIDE! I mean…I really wish that’s all I can say, but it isn’t. Matter of fact, I don’t think I can put it into words just how much of an artistic genius Thadeus is. This is one of those times, where it isn’t just about his voice (AMAZING, by the way) and or the genre or even the songs…okay, maybe it’s partially about the songs. But, in the end, it’s really about the messages…all of them. Now, you’re probably thinking, “The messages? That’s just a small aspect.” Yeah, I’d think twice about saying that. Why? Well, the reason runs deeper than the songs being “just songs.”

First thing’s first: the messages, but of course. I’ll be honest: I didn’t know what to expect when coming across the Spectra Music Group release Silver Inside. Matter of fact, I thought, “Silver Inside…now, what on earth could that mean?” I pretty much got my answer from start to finish, especially when I heard the track of the same name. See, the thing is that Silver Inside, believe it or not, actually touches on problems that aren’t mostly talked about. Dare I say it, society considers these problems to be a bit taboo…weirdly enough. Take, for example, you guessed it, Silver Inside. Thadeus sings about bullying, which isn’t a big subject in the music industry. It’s one thing to sing an inspirational song with the repeated message: “You’re beautiful (and sometimes perfect) just the way you are.” But, what happens when people (or victims) hear the exact opposite thing…almost every day? Are they honestly going to believe they’re “beautiful” or “perfect” just the way they are? 9 times out of 10, not really. It’s unknown if Thadeus experienced some traumatic experiences while growing up, but listening to Silver Inside, you’d think he did…somehow. I mean, seriously. Would you say that phrases like “times are changing” and “the unholy ones” ring any kind of bells, maybe of being an outcast? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Thadeus’s bravery is something to be recognized about this album. Sure, it might be subtle…okay, Yes, it’s loud. Yes, it’s blunt. But, is it necessary? Uh…ABSOLUTELY YES! It’s already a problem that there aren’t many songs out here for the “people”. Based on observation, it’s most likely due to the fear of receiving backlash on what to say and what not to say. But, Thadeus doesn’t care about backlash, especially in his song, Murder When I Sing. Sure, it may sound arrogant, maybe even cocky. But, in actuality, it isn’t. Actually, his lyrics, “Now when I sing, get out the way”, is pretty much him saying “screw you” to every naysayer and hater that told him he couldn’t do it (“Told myself I was the best, no one believed…”). Honestly, as someone who can relate, I ain’t mad at him.

I doubt you’ll feel silver inside when you listen to this to this album. However, I’m sure you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction.

5/5 Stars

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by Miekayla Lezjuande