“Stock Image is the conversation you have with yourself when you’re feeling lost and your color has faded,” says Folick. “When you’re too focused on inhabiting a certain image and then suddenly you realize your insides are empty, that you’re just a frame. I wrote it from a place of feeling shallow and gray and wanting to feel Full! Deep! Vibrant! I hope it makes you feel lush and colored in.”

Bad Religion Release New Song “The Kids Are Alt-Right”

Bad Religion have released a new song titled “The Kids Are Alt-Right.” Accompanied by an animated lyric video, “The Kids Are Alt-Right” delivers Bad Religion’s signature brand of socially conscious and sardonic punk.

The Hollow Ends share rousing new single “Close to Flames” via Impose

“There is an uneasiness that has been in my chest for well over a year,” the band’s Zachary Schwartz shares. “It waxes and wanes, but never really leaves for any significant period of time. I don’t think I’m alone with this, and actually, my guess is it’s probably pretty fucking common right about now. I also think most of us are familiar enough with human history, or at least with our own instincts, to know what happens if enough people feel that sense of mortal disquiet building up at the right place and time. ‘Close to Flames’ is a song about fearful mob mentality at dusk, and how quickly a pack of upright mammals can dispense with the veil of civility, almost like we’re made for it.”

ELIZA GILKYSON takes on ideology-based hatred with “In the Name of the Lord'”

“I had to make it very clear that there’s so much wrong in the world today that, in my mind, is based on religious ideology,” Gilkyson says in the interview. “We use it to rationalize the entire hierarchical system of dominance and subordination. So to me it was very important that I name the problem that so much of it is being done in the name of the Lord. I don’t think I’m angry at him/her/it … I’m angry at what humans have done in the name of it, so my anger comes from how we’ve co-opted something and how we use the fear of mortality, this fear of hell, to manipulate people. So my anger is along the political lines, really.”

Prophet shares new video ft Sudan Archives

Directed by label mate and avant-garde R&B singer and violinist, Sudan Archives, as well as LA-based filmmaker Ross Harris, the video perfectly sums up Prophet’s laid-back, retro-tinged vibe. Says Prophet on the making of the video and the track,