Medical Benefits of Using a Vape Device with Dry Herbs

There are many benefits of Aromatherapy. But our focus is the medical benefits of using a vaporizer for dry herbs, and why you should prefer it over the alternative.  There are quite some pros of choosing vape dry herb over concentrates, which includes:

  • Better Flavor Profile
  • Easy to Clean
  • It’s more accessible than other concentrates
  • It is more affordable
  • Growing this herb is easier than making a concentrate
  • When you vape marijuana, you get the complete plant with benefits, cannabinoids, terpenes, etc

We need to go into more depth on different aspects of marijuana vaping. The difference between dry herb vaping instead of vaping concentrates. The first thing you notice is better flavor profile. For someone who likes to taste herb, then vaping is better.

Following, we are going to pay attention to the medical benefits of using a vaporizer with dry herbs, and what else you need to know about it.


Vaping herbs instead of vaping concentrates prove very easy to clean out of the device. All you need is a small brush and some rubbing alcohol.  Cleaning herbal vaporizer after using some concentrate is a daunting process that is left behind by the oil.

Clean vaporizer after using dry herb demands less effort and technicalities to clean as dry herb leaves fewer residues.

Dry herbs are easier to find as compared to vaping concentrates. Dry herb is easily available as compared vaping concentrates as marijuana has been around for a while.


Don’t jump on the trend because you will have a bad experience. The price range of marijuana wax is very different as a dry herb. It’s surprising, but concentrates can be more expensive. On the other hand, making Marijuana wax is dangerous as Butane is a volatile liquid.

They can lit with the smallest spark, and the liquid can even explode.  There are remnants of butane in Cannabis Wax. The unfiltered butane left in the concentrate is more likely poison and produce side effects over time.

This negates the user, and they ultimately chose to vape marijuana. Vaping cannabis has aromatherapy benefits.

Introduction to Terpenes

Marijuana is favored over other concentrates because is remains unprocessed. This means you get the terpene and plant molecules remain in them.  Terpenes don’t survive the extraction process. When an herb is heated, terpene is released in vapor, that creates flavor.

These are aromatics in plants which give plant their distinctive smell. These compounds are sensitive to heat but get destroyed at a higher temperature.  They improve the healing abilities of marijuana as they increase the number of cannabinoids that get through the blood-brain barrier and multiple effects of every gram of dry herb.

There is terpene that improves sleep and enhances mood. It can also help your muscle to relax and carries anti-inflammatory properties which can treat liver cancer.

Using a Vaporizer

These devices have become more innovative, and more people turn towards these as these are efficient, healthy and doesn’t create a mess. This is better than overtake combustion instead of dry herb ingestion for both medicinal and recreational purposes.