New Video By Duncan Morley “Find You Now” Ft. Rick Ross

The road to redemption is paved with shadows of the past, but those who are able to see greatness at the end of this road shine brightly, even through the darkest shade. A man with a troubled youth, Duncan Morley is now on a righteous path and blue skies are ahead. With the help of The Boss himself, Rick Ross, and the team at Blue Sapphire Music Group who are working hard to make things happen, Morley is gearing up to make his worldwide debut with his first single, “Find You Now”, and set the entertainment business ablaze.

For Morley, growing up was a learning experience for both him and his parents. Raised in the Northeast city of Boston, MA, he was the kind of kid who was always causing trouble. He was an Indigo child that was always thinking outside the box…including in his schemes. After stealing a friend’s mom’s car and entering a high-speed chase with the authorities, his parents thought it was time for some corrective education.

Although most attempts to subdue the fire in his soul were null (he was sent to all kinds of alternative correctional facilities, ranging from wilderness programs to military school), one habit he picked up in the woods has stayed with him to this day: meditation. In his own words, “the more you do it, the brighter and brighter you become,” and brighter has he shined. Since picking up meditation, Morley studied studio recording in Los Angeles, where he uncovered his love for pop music and culture, as well as his passion to positively influence people around him. Like something out of a Hollywood movie, upon taking his first dip into the music scene, Morley has the opportunity to work with one of the biggest name in the music industry Rick Ross.