Tony Tedesco & Full Fathom 5 – “Shoes”

Are you interested in listening some thought-provoking music that will jerk your soul? Then make your first encounter with Tony Tedesco & Full Fathom 5’s newly released debut, “Full Fathom 5”. And there lies the song, titled, “Shoes”, that alone can make you amazed, leaving your jaws opened. This song features the auxiliary flair of Lynxxxie and Audrey​-​Kate Geiger and is remarkably appreciable in terms of lyrics, music, instrumental, and performance. Tony Tedesco & Full Fathom 5 have chosen a nautical theme for this album and this song, “Shoes”, is a fun, cool piece of creation with a hypnotic jazzy tone.

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The opening of the song creates a soundscape along with a combination of atypical and unique musicality like the gleam of jazz piano, and the eminent tune of the bass line. Such musical composition cast a hypnotic spell over the mind of the audience, and lead them into some sort of unsurpassable ambiance; once you get in, you cannot find the escape, but listen to this song over and over again. With the emergence of the first vocal, the song comes out with a gently breezing emotion, in a story-telling manner, in quite a fascinating way.

Every single word that Lynxxxie and Audrey​-​Kate Geiger are pouring into “Shoes”, is nothing but deeply moving, heart-touching, and propelling towards a remarkable performance at the end. The melody is creating a general splendor and suits perfectly with the long-tail lyrical composition of the song. And this general splendor, that becomes prominent at the very beginning, is leading the audience to the deep core of the song.

It is the surprising contrast between the musical craftsmanship and the detailing of the lyrical verses that have made “Shoes” such an astounding musical creation. The way Lynxxxie and Audrey​-​Kate Geiger handles the lyrical portion, balancing it with the instrumental, deserves a big applaud. The lyrical part is, in fact, gearing towards various subject matter, like the faith of humanity in his religion, overcoming hurdles in the path of life, and the final moment of seeing the light of salvation. And this makes the song feel like a smooth and pure organic piece of creation.

Talking of the instrumental, Tony Tedesco & Full Fathom 5 have kept it to a minimal level, so that it doesn’t exceed the level of performance, and of course, not bursting the ears of the audience. The instrumentation, vocal, lyrics, melody, go hand in hand to create a perfect and compact package of music. The performance of the vocal and instrumental is bewildering at every step, and to express how it feels like to listen, only one word comes to the mind of the listener, and that is addictive. The mesmeric and fascinating soundscape will absorb the mind of the listener in such a dramatic way that it will land you in another spiritual realm.

The song proceeds with a story-telling manner, and it will provoke the audiences to feel like there are real characters, around whom the song is revolving. The tone is slightly melancholic yet captivating. Overall, “Shoes” is a perfect union of thought-provoking lyrics and beautiful melody.

– Chloe Williams