Karen Mansfield – ‘Me and Leslie’

On “Me and Leslie” Karen Mansfield crafts a nostalgic, otherworldly sound with the utmost of ease. By taking on such a gorgeous approach, Karen Mansfield delves into a rich past as she explores a relationship with a dear old friend. Done with the utmost of care, the rollicking rhythms go for a fantastic, driving style. Guitar riffs further emphasize this movement away from the past while looking back. Layer upon layer of sound is added with the greatest of care making sure that everything feels just right, perfectly balanced. Easily the heart and soul of the track comes from Karen Mansfield’s gorgeous vocals and thoughtful approach to storytelling. With this storytelling, Karen Mansfield crafts a brilliant bold life journey.


A raw, joyous, careening sound introduces the piece. From there the song begins in true earnest. Starting with the very earliest of memories, the track progresses to reflect upon an entire time shared together. Carefully laid out grooves help to further bring the entire track forward, from the past to the future. Upon reaching the present day, Karen Mansfield draws from her own experience to further emphasize the importance of these events being shared together. Over the course of the track Karen Mansfield lets it all build up in a most majestic way, allowing it all to work together to create a wild and wonderful trip, one that feels so intimate at times.

Playful and highly personal, Karen Mansfield creates a vivid world with “Me and Leslie”.


By Beach Sloth