Bud Collins Trio – ‘No 5uch Th1ng’

The factual date when Bud Collins Trio Band did form lies in ambiguous; it may be the 70s’ or 80s’, even the band members are not sure about it. But, when it comes to producing gorgeous pop music, evoking powerful emotion with beautiful yet strange effects, Bud Collins Trio stand in the first row. From their melody, subject matter they choose, to what their music sound, Bud Collins Trio is incomparable to any other band. And they have proved it once again, in their latest EP, ‘No 5uch Th1ng’.

At first glance, this EP sounds like the traditional pop, but diving deeper, it turns out that Bud Collins Trio has presented a mix sound of the pop and rock of different eras. The influences and close impact of other genres of music, like jazz, electronic music, progressive rock, fusion, etc., is also clearly recognizable in ‘No 5uch Th1ng’.

‘No 5uch Th1ng’ contains there soundtracks: ”Television Personalities”, ”Moonbase Nine”, ”No Such Thing”. All these three soundtracks mirror the world around through their unique and peerless sound texture, quality, and clarity. With the release of this EP, the highly talented and magnificent Bud Collins Trio, have shown the world, why they are to be followed in the world of music and lyrics. These three soundtracks are fueled with the authentic Bud Collins Trio energy that goes parallel with a bizarre melancholic tone. It is not just an EP, but a collection of three phenomenon music composition, promising what this remarkable band is going to offer in future.

The first song, ”Television Personalities” mirrors the strange relationship that exists between the common people and the celebrities, even in this modern society. The ironical and satirical lyrical rhetoric of this song depicts the grim and bizarre realities of the modern world and its people in a simple and story-telling manner. The soft and mellow melody, vocal harmonization with instruments will make the audience feel like the music is thrusting and uplifting them far above the ground, towards the clouds and the sun shining sky.

This is no exaggeration, but exactly how ”Television Personalities” seems like to listen to. The soft and soothing appeal of human emotion, soaked with melody, is very much interpretable and high-absorbent to the ears of the audience. ”Television Personalities” showers smooth sound effects, not bursting the ears. The Bud Collins Trio have successfully made the song floating around the dreamlike atmosphere, paddling through the delicate and mellow synth sound.

”Moonbase Nine” is the second song of ‘No 5uch Th1ng’. Moon always comes with a dreamy and mystic approach and suites perfect with the mystic and strange sound effect that the Bud Collins Trio always try to produce. As the song opens, it takes the mind of the audience off from the ground of a doomed planet, and reach to a desolate, hollow, and shattered moon base, gradually plunging towards the center of a dark hole.

‘No 5uch Th1ng’ is a masterpiece of Bud Collins Trio. If you want your ears to experience something beautiful and strange, then you must listen to this EP.


– James Collins