Write the best essay with the help of this article

The main concern that students have is that their essays won’t be amazing, and won’t stand out. They worry because there are lots of other candidates which have the same background as they do. It’s okay to worry. But you’ll have to gather your powers and be sure that you can do it. It will take some time, but in the end, it will be worth the while. Take these next few steps as an encouragement for you to keep up the good work.

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Think about your essay

Take your time to think about what you have to write. If you need it, put it in pieces, analyze every aspect of it. Why do you need to do it? What are the admissions officers going to ask? What do they want from you? Will this information be helpful for you in college?

After this, take a break. When you come back, think of the differences and how you see things after this short break. You might realize that at some point, you read the prompt wrong and you don’t want to start it from scratch.

Make a plan

This will not take a lot of your time. Many students skip it, but it’s actually really important to keep it around. It can save you from a lot of worrying and stress. And you probably won’t need to rewrite parts of your essay.

Think about your writing. Create a plan, and decide for long your paragraphs will be to stay in the word count limit. Then think about your time – how are you going to write it? When? How much? A paragraph per day? The whole essay in one day? Make a schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to change it later, it makes you prepare your time better.

Show, don’t tell

When writing, you’ll probably need to pick anecdotes to put in your essay. Pick those ones that you can actually talk about succinctly. If your story is made out of 540 words, and the essay must have 600 words maximum, then you won’t have a lot of words to talk about your opinion and analyze that case. Those that are going to jury your paper are mostly interested in your perspective than in the events overall.

Also, you should remember that those people don’t know you personally. That’s why this essay is so important. This reflects who you are. So don’t just tell them something about you, show them. Show them why you like this and that. Give examples and make them understand you better.

Know your words

Your essay reflects who you are, as said earlier. Keep in mind that the words should be of a college level. The one major problem is that most students use vocabulary they don’t know anything about. Be careful with the thesaurus, look for the meaning of the words and look for them in questions. Then you can use them.