Loya – “Heptapod”

Loya’s ”Heptapod” from the upcoming album ”Komaglass” is something that one cannot judge by its title. If you judge the song by its title and expecting to hear something related to heptapod, be sure, you will receive a total badass blow. Call it an artwork, a hunch on the musical landscape, or hell just coming out; ”Heptapod” stands for all of them.

If the listener pays close attention and listens to this Loya song minutely, he will feel like the small musical scenes, coming out of the song, create a bigger imagery or picture of another greater meaning. How can one person continue his journey for almost thirteen years on the roads to success, experimenting various genres of music, standing on stable feet? Well, that is Loya, a great artist, mixing dream pop, dark pop, few drops of emo, and the traditional pop in his brain-lab to create unique style and sound. His recent effort of musical experimentation is fairly apparent in ”Heptapod”.

Now let’s go down straight to the rabbit hole; what is actually ”Heptapod” about? Is LOYA going to sing about alien life in ”Komaglass” or there is a completely different theory behind the curtain? In terms of lyrics, the air of ”Heptapod” is filled with mystique. The official video of the song depicts the artist, singing and roaming around in black/white or white/black. But when it comes to talking about the sound, the ”low-end swell and deep atmospheric electro-pulse” will make you experience a jolted attack on the heartbeat. The song contains all the elements that are required for the growth in popularity of a single.

The relaxing yet exciting opening suits perfect with the verse of ”Heptapod”, and Loya may have a serious and comprehensive that allures the audience. The track mounts itself upward, making the music mystique and portrayed, but still playful in its own way. Loya is such an experienced and skillful musician that he has put every little element in ‘‘Heptapod’’ that can make a song sparkling, full of spirit and vivacity.

Talking about the vocal, there is a dazzling brightness in the sound, both in the vocal and chorus part. And the playful vocalization meets the sonic depth for the song, at its deep core. It seems like the background music, instrumentation, vocal, chorus, all of them are intertwined together; Loya is serving all these elements on a single platter. The audience can smell the fresh music coming out, feel Loya’s zest for musical experimentation, but still can’t get the actual recipe of ”Heptapod”. Now that’s the real effect of Loya’s musical wizardry.

If something catchy, different yet vibrant and rich in music, you prefer, then Loya’s ”Heptapod” would certainly your jam. The kind of music Loya presents to the audience may seem to be similar to other musical works, but his music is original and unique at the same time. Like every musician has his signature style, Loya’s songs, too, carry out the unique and matchless Loya style. And ”Heptapod is no exception to that.


– Isabella White