What is Happening to your Body When You Are Watching a Movie

We’ve all heard the phrases “Don’t watch too much television or you’ll get square eyes” and “becoming a couch potato can make you put on weight and unhealthy”. However, little thought is actually put into thinking about the emotions, feelings and electrical impulses working in our bodies, while we are engaged in our favorite film.

So, what actually happens to us when we watch a movie? Is there a chance that our eyes actually will become square? How is it that we engage in something so far from reality, that it leads us to laugh, cry and, in some cases, believe it is part of reality!

So, without further ado, let’s have a further look into what happens to our bodies when we engage in a movie.

Our body reacts to the type of film we are watching

In order to understand what is happening to our bodies when we’re watching our favourite DVD, it is, of course, important to consider the type of movie we are viewing.

A horror film, for example, will offer a different impact to a comedy or romance film. No matter what movie we’re watching though, putting on a movie can have an effect on our bodies in the following ways…

Physical reactions

Our heart rate could get faster

While watching horror movies can undoubtedly get our hearts racing in suspense, our heart rate may be affected by other tense or fast-moving movie moments. As a result of this faster heart rate, our palms can get sweatier and other breathing rate increase, forming a mild stress on the body.

Hormonal changes

This mild stress on the body that can occur during tense situations in a movie can lead our bodies to produce an increased amount of stress hormone, cortisol. Our muscles may tighten and we may feel an increased amount of anxiety or uneasiness.

A frightful or scary scene in a movie can give the body an adrenaline boost too, which initiates the fight or flight response and supposedly makes you panic and ready for anything.

Tear production can increase

Emotional moments in a movie can, essentially, move you to tears. Therefore, your tear production increases and your eyes flood with an increased amount of tears. And if you’re the sobbing type? A really emotional scene of a movie may cause you, not only to well-up, but to really break out in a loud cry.

Psychological responses

You may even feel relaxed or de-stressed

If you are watching a relaxing or fairly calm movie, you may find that your thoughts are taken away from the hassles of daily life and you are transported somewhere where it is possible to relax, unwind and enjoy delving into an enjoyable storyline.

You may feel nostalgic over past events

Some movie scenes may lead you to think about past memories and leave you with a sense of nostalgia. You may even be triggered by certain foods, places or people in a movie that can make you smell a similar smell or think about particular past experiences that relate to what you are watching.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired or get creative

Perhaps watching a certain movie can help inspire you in the direction you hope to take yourself in the future, perhaps you spot a certain place you would like to visit or aspire to be like a certain character.

Whatever your reason for watching a movie, whether to escape reality, to be inspired, fill an hour or two or to take interest in a certain type of plot, all movies have an effect on the spectator and undoubtedly have an affect on the workings of your body.

So, next time you are watching a movie, notice how it affects you and take interest in how your body responds!