Daxton – ‘In Verses’

The Australian artist Daxton Paul James Monaghan has released his ninth music album, “In Verses”, and it has already become one of the most centers of attractions in the musical landscape. It is a collection of amazing nine soundtracks that will encourage and provoke the blues lover to get escaped into a marvelous sonic journey.

In this album, Daxton has tried to present a mixed classic alt-rock and Americana sound through his remarkable skill of creating music. In all the nine songs, Daxton has maintained a soft, mellow, soulful performance with a melodic rush. This album proves that Daxton is not capable of making good songs, but wonderful albums, too. From beginning to the end, “In Verses” holds little melodic surprises that will bewilder the audience from the very opening.

The first song, “I Don’t Mind” opens with the immediate shine in crafting a melody, and mature sound, created by rich lyrics, layered guitar, alluring the audience to enter into the musical journey with a strong hook. The higher notes are glimmering at the end of the lines, and the song, somehow, reflects the impression of twisted energy.

The vocal also creates a nostalgic and passionate vibe, taking the audience back to the glorifying yet simpler times of classic rock, but of course, in a novelty and innovative form. Like the previous musical collections of Daxton, “In Verses”, too, reflects the artist’s flare of songwriting. And this is clear from the lyric of “I Don’t Mind”. The astounding and distinctive vocal, organic sound, inspiring tone, Bluesy Feel will wrap up the listener from the very beginning.

The next song is “Strange Little Creatures”, a beautiful composition of acoustic sound, creates a smooth and fascinating vibe, alluring the listener to get plunged in Daxton style. The European-style guitar riffs, Daxton’s smooth and seductive voice, his tone, the way of his playing with the words, light up the mood of the audience. In this song, the audience can feel the depth of Daxton’s musical craftsmanship in merging the classic Blues with Latin jazz proportionately.

The high-decibel guitar riffs keep the energy intact in soundtracks like “Power And Glory”, and “Water Goes Dry”. It seems like “In Verses” moves up and down like a movie: sometimes roaring with the electrifying rock instrumental, and the next moment, settling into organic, innovative, thought-provoking, and a euphoric soundscape.

Daxton has broken down the legacy, where the back side of the disc or the middle soundtrack of an album touch the level of mediocre creativity and performance. The fresh and organic sound of the Bluesy “Ball And Chain” offers something new than just being a representative of Blues rock. “Stain” evokes the sound of a mainstream radio, energizing the mind of the listener. The magical strings of the guitar and the vocal quality of Daxton get intertwined and conjured up in “Water Lines”, creating a lavishing sound that wraps the audience with a cozy blanket of sound and music.

Overall, Daxton’s “In Verses” is a collection of fresh, and interesting soundtracks that will grow on the mind of the listener in a subtle and remarkable way.



– Jessie Parker