Almost Awake – ‘Cloud Walker’

Almost Awake goes for a dreamy indie rock sound with “Cloudwalker”. Over the course of the track Almost Awake draws from a wide plethora of styles, from shoegaze to hard rock, all anchored with a strong emotional core. By opting for such a spellbinding swirl of colors, the entirety of “Cloudwalker” ensures that it becomes an all-encompassing sort of atmosphere. Drums help to anchor the entirety of the track, serving as the backbone of it all, and displaying a great flexibility. The true heart and soul comes from the reassuring vocals that swim through it all with the utmost of grace.

Drums introduce the piece with a giddy sensibility. Guitars drift above with such gentleness. Upon the riffs entering into the scope of it all, they set the groove with a gorgeousness allowing for an ever-expanding quality. The multifaceted, multi-pronged nature of the work delves into both tenderness and defiance. Finding just the right balance between the two impulses results in something that feels so vivid and real. Buildup happens with such care, for everything about Almost Awake’s sound lends itself particularly well to some sweeping crescendos. Flexibility works wonders for the song, as the latter half of the piece incorporates elements of ambience into the fray. Nicely letting everything simply drop out for the final moments, the song gains a contemplative temperament.

On “Cloudwalker” Almost Awake creates a lovely lush world, one that feels uniquely beautiful with its many flourishes.

By Mark Jacobs