Joseph Eid – ‘Watch It Fall’

Music cannot become more tangible and substantial than this!

‘This’ means the latest single of Joseph Eid, ”Watch It Fall”. The Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Joseph Eid is not a new personality in the world of music. And once again his adorable voice has taken an adorable shape in his new EP ”Watch It Fall”. Since his first album, ”Human” came into existence, Joseph’s power and capability to blend pop, folk, and other genres of music have become visible to the music enthusiasts. ”Watch It Fall” preserves the essence of pop-folk in a modernized form. In fact, it is a completely modern song, in terms of lyrical creation, the artist’s perception, and presentation.

Human beings always consider the Mother Nature as the muse of their creativity. The webpage of Joseph Eid also reflects the serene, and calm background of nature. And this new EP ”Watch It Fall” gives of the earthy smell and soothing positive vibe. Besides the soothing and comforting effect of the sound, the satiric style of the lyric comes within the emblem of the brilliant folksy sound. The song shows Joseph Eid’s creative, imaginative, and of course, the innovative zest for music. It is Joseph’s passion for music that runs through the song, from beginning to the end.

The song tells the story of what choices and sacrifices were left to the artist when he decided to walk on the road to success, chasing after his dreams of becoming a renowned musician. This well-versed and fresh EP, “Watch It Fall” depicts a wonderful-woven story about the immense struggling of Joseph in his musical career, finding positive vibes at the different check-points on the roads to fame, and finally discovering the lightening torch of fortune. Joseph has worked on the recipe for making a proportionate mixture of pop, folk, the rock and roll of the 90s’, and it seems like he has cooked the recipe well in ”Watch It Fall”. The music that appears in this song, accompanied by the fresh and soothing sound, seems to the ears like a warm breeze whispering through the chimes.

The satiric style that Joseph follows in weaving lyrics, is very much evident in ”Watch It Fall”. In the line, “the new guy who lives by the front door. Stands out there, yeah he’s got weakness to sell”, the way Joseph presents, “he’s got weakness to sell”, is so satiric yet realistic, that the listener’s mind will readily start plucking out the real meaning behind this line. Another lyrical expression that jingles the same waggish folksy-satirical vibes is, “there’s a tattooed healer who is more like a dealer of things you don’t want to know about”. This line reflects the picture of the modern people with their modern characteristics, dealing and drowning with their problems in a modernized way.

The light and mellow guitar strings, the presentation of lyrics in a story-telling manner, the slow-cooking of different genres of music, the modernized texture, are the unique and idiosyncratic elements that have made Joseph Eid’s “Watch It Fall” a stunner among his EPs. “Watch It Fall” is worth to pay attention to the listening experience.

9.5/10 Stars

– Olivia Johnson