ShaQ: Muzik : “Let Me in Your Heart Again”

A possible solution and a means of hope for love lost comes with the new single release from recording artist ShaQ: Muzik. The track is entitled “Let Me in Your Heart Again” and is a soulful, heartfelt  R&B ballad with a laid back rhythm and an undeniable message of romance. A follow-up to the artist’s hit sensation “My One & Only Love”, also a romantic ballad which has gained much popularity both nationally and overseas, this song speaks about a man who has realized the true value of love. A love that he once enjoyed and shared with a woman that he wishes to reconnect with. Following the theme “you never miss it till it’s gone”, SHAQ:MUZIK instills the fact that when love is right it’s worth reaching out for once again.

Aside from a powerful message, the artist’s angelic vocals, opulent and rich, add to the romance. The lyrics are filled with emotion and passion and the artist clearly projects that with style and decadence. The sonic feel of the music is powerful and filled with intense back ground harmonies that enrich the validity of the feeling of romance. 

SHAQ:MUZIK’s songs are identifiable, romantic, addictive, infectious, smooth and he can easily be compared to many great romantic singers in the genres of R&B and Pop music. Fans of Bruno Mars, BabyFace, Luthor Vandross, Trey Songz and many others like these artists will love his music. “Let Me In Your Heart Again” is an ageless and timeless love song that will appeal to listeners of all ages, much like the superstars in the aforementioned list.

There is a saying that “Everything Old is New Again” and the vintage/retro vibe of this new single with a throwback/modern feeling really works, and SHAQ:MUZIK is creating music that is totally unique in our modern day music world, pioneering new ideas created from the past and I for one am extremely happy and pleased to be able to hear great music that does not sound like every other artist on the radio. This single is radio friendly, radio ready and could easily be an international hit in every country in the world, as it’s universal message is appealing to all.

This track is essential for anyone who has ever been in a position to regret a love and wishes to get it back again. ShaQ: Muzik is excited about his song writing and creating his music. He is also a producer as well as a singer/songwriter. Allow him to take you on this journey …join him on his journey and enjoy his unique vivid  picture that he is trying to share with the world. I think you are going to be hearing a lot more from this incredibly talented UK artist, and I for one welcome all the great music he will be releasing in the future, I hope you do too.

Bruce Kent