New Video By JES “Get Me Through The Night”

If you’re familiar with EDM at all, you know JES: her voice, her distinctive sound, her lively relationship to the beat, her bold and unique fashion sense, her hypnotic presence. For the past decade, the Grammy-nominated New York artist has been one of the most exciting forces in dance music – a singer, writer, producer, and DJ with a knack for cutting straight to the emotional core of a song. Her band, Motorcycle (“As The Rush Comes”), and her collaborations with Tiesto (“Everything”), Cosmic Gate (“Fall Into You”) have established her versatility. JES songs have been remixed by Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Buuren, ATB, and other dancefloor luminaries. Club music has always been her métier, but as she demonstrated through her enthusiastically-received Acoustic Series of reinterpretations of her electronic hits, JES possesses a voice that works its wonders straight across genres.

“Get Me Through The Night”, her latest single, isn’t all that much of a departure from her prior recordings – it’s marvelously danceable and wonderfully sung, and it offers the same message of hope and comfort in difficult times that we’ve come to expect from JES. The synthesizers are dazzling, the beats are propulsive, and the chorus is captivating and anthemic. But “Night” is a pure electronic pop song: a crossover to Top 40 from an artist most associated with the dance floor. The song is already scaling the charts on Beatport and arriving on Spotify playlists with a flourish. “Get Me Through The Night” has won JES a new audience while continuing to excite those fans who’ve followed her for years.