The Most Popular Sports in the United States

American Football

In terms of being the most popular sport in the United States, American Football comes out on top. The most highly anticipated game in America is the annual Super Bowl, drawing in over 100 million viewers every year. The National Football League is the most popular league in the United States with some of the most popular and notable figures of the sport being NFL quarterbacks like Brett Favre, Dan Marino and Tom Brady.

With the Super Bowl being such a massive event, fans start planning their attendance early and stay updated with the fluctuating Super Bowl ticket prices.


Professional basketball and collegiate basketball are incredibly popular sports in the United States. Although the sport was invented by a Canadian, over 26 million Americans play basketball every year. The sport can be played at all levels over a variety of ages including high school, colleges and at national level. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is a major sports league in North America. 30 teams make up the professional league with 82 games being played each season.


Baseball was developed in the United States over 150 years ago, being played in the North Eastern region longer than any other in America. The New York Yankees are known as the most popular and successful baseball team in the country, winning more all-time great titles than any other sports team in the entire country. At present, there are 30 teams that make up the Major League Baseball with 15 of the teams taking part in the American League while the other 15 teams are part of the National League. Many consider baseball to be the best sport in the United States, with many valid reasons on why Baseball is better than Football.

Ice Hockey

Another popular sport in the United States is ice hockey. As you can imagine, the sport is more popular in states and cities with colder climates such as in the Midwest and Northeast, because it’s easy to just grab a puck, hockey skates, and bauer hockey sticks and play on frozen ponds and lakes that are right next to where people live. However, as the National Hockey League has grown in terms of popularity, this has caused the sport to gain attention and appreciation in the Southeastern and Southwestern parts of the US. The main professional hockey league in America (the NHL) consists of 23 teams that take part in the Stanley Cup.


With around 25 million people playing the sport across the United States each year, it is clear to see that golf is one of the most popular sports to play. Numerous TV networks air professional golfing events each year which can attract millions upon millions of viewers. The rules of golf are administered and set by the USGA (the United States Golf Association) who organize three national championships which are the US Senior Open, US Women’s Open and the US Open. Although many consider golf as an elite sport, the game can be played and enjoyed by all levels and abilities.

Each of the sports listed require great skill, determination and patience so if you are interested in signing up to any sport, make sure to look in your local area where you will be able to find clubs that offer the sports you like.