Pablo Moreigo – Various releases

Pablo Moroego is one of the industry’s fastest rising artists and is back in 2018 to capture the ears and hearts of electronic music fans everywhere via a series of impressive 2018 releases.


His latest release: “Unbrace” offers a carefully crafted 2 track collection of songs showcasing Trance and Electronic Dance music at its best. This latest 2 track collection

Features Miper and the second track “Orient.” Listening to many of these latest releases “Unbrace”, “Addiction”, “Someday” the final result creates a foundation for memorable, adrenalized yet uplifting set of songs that will leave a lasting impression on the listener.

There are also clear-defined messages throughout. One of the things I really like about Moriego is despite the hard Electronic edge he does manage keep things mixed up well offering much in the way of musical angulation. I might be wrong but you can also hear influences from Solarstone, Heatbeat, Bobina and A.R.D.I.  What’s more the sporadic vocal touches possess an inviting timbre that will be sure to mesmerize many. Moroego is clearly the marquee talent and pulls out all the stops via the entire Adecade of Prograzo” part 4-7. Many of these tracks will bring nothing but positives to the musical status quos. Moriego delivers in kind much in the way of integrity, passion, amazing synth work, solid beats and top tiered sampling and production value. Throughout all pieces one will notice a tragic-sweetness and blooming hooks all the while maintaining an intimate conservative feel throughout.

Moroego no doubt Electro-based with a dark rhythmic back bone feel to it courtesy of this demographic. Also present are exotic beat and percussion, infectious vocal feel, and honey coated keyboard flavoring. Many songs within the 2018 collection are more than ripe for all the old school trance-techno lovers out there. With Moriego there is no overdubbing or disappointingly amateurish mixing with a disingenuous attempt in making hit single or record. These are high-quality, clean recordings that balance out both natural and midi sounds flawlessly.

Moriego has a great deal of potential for widespread appeal, as he picks up steam this year. As a whole, it’s an impressive collection of songs that proves that with continued dedication via a powerful slew of songs a dream can be fully realized regardless of how it’s delivered to the senses.


Mindy McCall