Deep C Divers – “Smile For Better Days”

It’s finally here! After all the preparations, Deep C divers has recently launched their new music album, ”Making Waves”. Earlier, ”Singing Colors” and other music albums of Deep C divers have earned huge praise and appreciation from the audience. And now this Boston-based band has firm determination to grow strong in popularity with this new musical album, ”Making Waves”.

”Making Waves” consists of eight soundtracks, but among them ”Smile for Better Days” sounds just brilliant. Nearly all the soundtracks, like, ”sunshine”, ”Feel the Light”, along with ”Smile For Better Days”, intend to feel the air with positive energy and hope, the hope of light, more clearly better days. ”Smile For Better Days” is filled with so much energy, spirit, and positive vibes, that once you listen to this song, there is no chance of feeling down. It will charge you with so much enthusiasm, and exuberance that you will smile seeing better days are coming to your doorstep. The song starts with a playful mood and vivacity and carries the same level of energy all throughout, till the last beat drops.

Deep C Divers, an original rock band always comes with songs that they have produced from the deep core of their heart. That’s why their songs always strike the right chord of the audience. ”Smile For Better Days” is no exception to that. Deep Chinappa, the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist, in short, the main composer of the band, has a unique quality to mix up the best of the different genres of music and create an astounding blend of sound. All the soundtracks of ”Making Waves”, not excluding ”Smile for Better Days”, reflects this unique and novelty excellence of Deep Chinappa.

In terms of the lyrical creation, ”Smile For Better days” follows a simple, easy-to-interpret lyrics, based on the real-life experiences, not only of the songwriter but of all human beings. Deep has tried to tell the audience how to stay calm in the whirl of sorrow and unhappiness and welcome the sunny days, in a story-telling manner. Whenever you are sad or feeling numb, ”Smile For Better Days” would be the ideal song to listen. It will wash away all the bad feelings from the heart, feeling it with the light of joy and exuberance.

Now let’s come to the instrumental part. Deep C Divers has successfully made the perfect blend of musical presentation in ”Smile for Better Days” that has not overpowered the lyrical part. It seems like Lyrics and all the instruments go hand in hand, never too loud or low. The song starts will playful guitar notes that sparks the energy from the deep core of the strings, electrifying and energizing the audience. The song goes with a suitable rhythm, with the beats going up and down. It is clear that all the members of the band have mastered all the ingredients of music to create an ear-soothing yet lively songs.

”Smile For The Better Days” comes with afresh smell of rock and all the goodness of the different style of music. It is a great song to illuminate the positive vibes of the mind through melody and powerful lyric.

9.5/10 Stars

– Lisa Smith