So far it has been well known all around the United States of America that the IBC tote recycling can be one of the best methods for waste management. Along with that, the reconditioned IBC totes are of great use. There is no other option that can perform so well in managing wastes at such a massive level. But managing waste at large scale is not at all an easy task. It requires very efficient technologies as well as manpower to deal with all the categories of the waste because the technology that will be available for the waste reconditioning varies with the type of the waste. So, let me place some ideas about the dimensions of IBC, its management procedures as well as reconditioned IBC totes.


The shapes of the IBC are such that they can be easily stacked with the help of forklift or pallet jack when they are mounted on a pallet. The volume of the IBCs is such that they are intermediate to the drums and the tanks. The shapes of the IBCs are generally cubic because it is easy to handle in such a shape so that they can be all loaded on the truck easily for transportation.

The most commonly used form of IBC is a cubic structured one which is packed in a translucent plastic covering having an iron cage which is almost galvanized to prevent from rusting. The IBCs are generally made of those materials that it is easy to ship them to any location. Some of the IBCs are also made out of wood, cardboard, aluminum sheets.

The folding IBCs act as a great aid for the transportation because they are quite flexible and can be folded inward and hence do not occupy much space in comparison to the other containers. The purposes of the IBCs are especially to transport dry materials such as building manufacturing products, fertilizers or other chemicals. So, it is easy to carry such materials because they do not take into account any of the toxicity. The volume of the IBC will be decided upon the norms of the Government.


The totes are managed in such a great way that the reconditioned IBC totes can be used for a variety of purposes to suit the needs of the customer. Some of the best-reconditioned products can be used as follows:

  1. Unrinsed IBC tote containers– these containers are those from which the previous substances have been unpacked but they do not undergo the massive scale checking processes. But, they can be used again to carry the same materials because they are not suitable to carry anything else.
  2. Rinsed containers– these containers are washed completely to remove the leftovers of the previous product that was loaded into it, though this gives a rinsing to the product, yet it is not fully safe to reuse them, once again. This needs further checking.
  3. The containers that have been rinsed thrice– this is an improved version of the previous one because in this the process of rinsing is done in a more effective way and three times. These are very safe to be reused with other products that are available in the market because in this there is no risk of contamination from the previous contents. The properties of the previous contents have been fully eradicated by chemicals and other scientific processes.
  4. New bottled containers– this is one of the safest in the types of the IBC containers. The bottles are especially laden either with foodstuffs for humans or domestic animals. Like all the other containers, these containers to require rinsing but these are the safest ones to b again packed with foodstuffs because the former foodstuffs too were biodegradable in nature. So if you want to fill your foodstuffs in any of the IBC containers, only this one can be the perfect option.


The reconditioned IBC totes have some limitations to the type of products that can be stacked into them once again after their renewal. This limitation is on the basis of the former contents. So let us see what the stuff that can be actually stuffed are:

  • Some chemicals ranging from those being used for household purposes, in factories or fertilizers have hazardous properties. These materials can be the best option to be stacked in the IBCs.
  • The raw materials that can be used in the industries can be stacked in the containers.
  • Building materials like sand, cement, plaster, distemper materials can be packed.
  • Liquid and packed food materials can be kept in the containers, but only in the bottled IBCs.
  • Chemical and petrochemical products like solvents, solutions, bathroom cleaners, paints, detergents can be kept in the containers.
  • The IBCs are cubic in shape, so they can be used also to make some extra structures at the home.
  • These can be used as the vast cans to store the garbage by segregating them well before being disposed of.


The IBC tote recycling company is very renowned, especially for its management system. The management is done in a very smooth way. When the request is processed on an online basis, the clients are requested to empty their containers that they want to be disposed of. The service for the pickup of the wastes is done within 48 to 72 hours without any further delay. If you need a wider span to empty your containers, you shall get an extra time to do it from the schedule of your request. There is nothing to be worried about how quick the service is because never such cases have been reported yet that the clients have faced failure in their request. Only if there are natural calamities without any information, the process can be delayed.

Waste management is a great movement at all the levels, namely at the individual, societal and national level. Today, United States of America has proved the best in its mission to attain such success in its cleanliness drive; it is on the verge of becoming a role model to the other countries across the world. All the people in the world will live in a super hygienic condition only when each and every portion of the world is cleaned out. This will also lead to a sustainable development. The sustainable development is the need of the hour, but hardly have we got clues to attain this. So, in order to increase the movement, new centers with such beautiful waste management movements must be designed. Here comes the motto, “each one, teach one!”