Brian Hutson – ‘Anything Can Happen’

“Anything Can Happen” is the latest single from New York State native Brian Hutson and finds his climb into the ranks of top notch pop song singers accelerating exponentially. His progress since first appearing on the scene in 2015 is nothing less than astonishing and with the latest single, a follow up of sorts to his debut studio collection Midnight Sessions, shows that his ambition remains undimmed and his warm, inviting performing style continues to evolve. “Anything Can Happen” is timed for a Valentine’s Day release and it’s appropriate for that day without ever laying it on too thick. This is an entertaining, emotionally engaging single featuring one of the most effective and promising vocalists working in pop music today and it’s sure to expand Hutson’s growing audience even further. He’s a singer with a truly artistic approach to what he does and never lacks the necessary soul to make listeners believers.

There’s a great blend of modern and traditional sounds with the release. “Anything Can Happen” isn’t one of those modern pop tunes inordinately dependant on electronica and other bells and whistles trying to gloss over the song’s inherent melodic or structural failures. It definitely isn’t so with this tune. Instead, you get a feeling from both Hutson’s vocal and the arrangement that every effort is being made to achieve a timeless sort of sound that keeps one foot in the past and another in the present. It’s totally successful and has to be considered one of the key ingredients in what makes Hutson stand out from his contemporaries and many of his peers. The acoustic guitar and considered rhythm section playing line up appealingly with the gossamer like electronic backing. Everything feel likes great care has been taken with it, but thankfully it never translates over into a stilted, forced performance with the artist reaching for effects rather than having them naturally arrive.

Hutson crowns it all like a jewel. His voice inhabits every second of the song after his entrance; even the moments without a vocal are rife with anticipating his imminent return. Much of this can be put on his willingness to attend to every word with an ear for what the music requires rather than forcing the musicians to follow him. Instead, the song moves as one, never sounding like anything else than an inspired musical moment recorded for posterity. We will, undoubtedly, look back on this moment with fondness. This is the time when Brian Hutson consolidates the success he’s already experienced into another winner that pushes him ever closer to the rarefied territory his talents merit. “Anything Can Happen” proves that anything can, even in a time when music’s importance seems less tied to our hearts than ever, still reach a place within and stir some of the purest feelings that make us human. It’s a wildly successful new single and deserves to be heard again and again.

Photo Credit Angela Talley


Mike Yoder