Glen Naylor and Chris Wilson – ‘Bill the Bastard – Australia’s Greatest Warhorse’

Glen Naylor and Chris Wilson draw the listener in with the captivating world of ‘Bill The Bastard – Australia’s Greatest Warhorse’. Proving to be deft storytellers, the way the narrative unfolds makes it a pure joy. The attention to every detail helps to imbue it with a tremendous sense of life. Instrumentally deft, they keep a delicate balance always allowing the vocals to feature prominently. Flourishes float throughout the entirety of the track, punctuated by soulful harmonica. Rhythms go for a loose gentle spirit. By far though their vocals serve as the very heart of it all, as their delivery feels earnest, honest, and real.

The gentle guitar work introduces the piece. From there the story begins to come into focus. Nicely framing the setting the way the many layers seem to highlight each other’s strengths shows off Glen Naylor and Chris Wilson’s uncanny knack to create an inviting world. Guitar work helps unify the gentle rhythm that anchors the entirety of the track. Elements of the song come into view, for the duo ensure that every single moment adds to the rich tapestry they weave, of a determination of sorts. Striving for perfection, the way that hope guides everything along feels infinitely relatable. By the very end of the piece the entire story, the incredible trip, neatly fades out, almost in a cyclical fashion.

With ‘Bill The Bastard – Australia’s Greatest Warhorse’ Glen Naylor and Chris Wilson embark on a grand journey, with a story that highlights their uncanny literary prowess.