Marco Raes – ‘I Drive Alone’

Marco Raes goes for a tender tale with the intimate “I Drive Alone”. Lyrics have a nimbleness to them while they focus upon the defiance that comes with solitude. The way the track ebbs and flows give it a passionate quality. At times Marco Raes goes for a cinematic flourish, for the piece comes into bloom multiple times. Great bursts of color work wonders for everything sweeps up into the very sky. Electronica, pop, rock, with a theatrical flair work in unison to deliver a piece that simply washes over the listener with such a fantastic sense of grace.

A hushed awe introduces the piece. From this opening the song takes on a subdued folk muse. Things move quite slowly, allowing for the energy to simply burst with tremendous power. Crescendos rush forward for Marco Raes’ voice sings with a steely resolve. Upon this simply disappearing away the gaze shifts back to introspection. Focused on loneliness the lyrics have a tragic quality to them, with the instruments further highlighting a little bit of the pain of being alone. When it builds, it builds up thanks to an inner strength that Marco Raes describes in detail, the way of leaving things behind for a better future. Letting synthesizers into the mix on the latter half of the piece feels ever so soothing, almost lush.

Proving to be a deft storyteller, Marco Raes embarks on a fantastic journey with the powerful “I Drive Alone”.