Creative Selfie Ideas to Explore

Selfies have surfaced as an international phenomenon, and for those of you who’ve been living under a rock, a selfie is a self-photograph taken by pointing a camera at yourself. The advancement of cell phone technology has further perpetuated selfie prominence, and most people snap a photograph of their face and upload it to social media.

Though there’s nothing wrong with ordinary selfies, after a while you’ll want to take more interesting photos that stand out. To help you on route to creating intriguing selfies, here are some creative ideas to inspire you.

Take a Selfie With Your Pet

OK, so this might not be for everyone, especially if you don’t have a pet, but, providing you do, why not take a selfie with them! You can even spice things up by covering part of your face with the animal, so you appear part human, part animal!

Simultaneous Selfies

Take a photo at the same time as other family members who are striking the same pose. This is a cool way to bring something new to the table, with multiple people adding layers of dimension to your picture.

Use Accessories

Accessorizing can take your selfie to new heights, so why not throw on a cool hat or some sunglasses? You could even wear a baseball cap, some bracelets, or even tie a scarf around your neck!

Cover Up

Covering up part of your face creates an air of mystery that’s highly intriguing, and if it’s attention you’re after, you’ll certainly get it if you’re indistinguishable.

Tell More of Your Story

Instead of following convention and taking selfies of your face, why not use selfies to convey a story. This is great if you’re passionate about something, and you can share your emotions on social media. Remember to add interesting selfie captions to your photos to introduce a narrative which explains your series of photographs in more detail. Share a hobby, or tell a story of your day through photographs.

Share Your Shoes

Shoe selfies have emerged as a popular option, and though it’s fun to shoot the camera down to your feet, why not bring some creativity into the fold and add a caption above your feet? If you’re on the beach, you could even write a message in the sand which accurately describes your mood, and perfectly accompanies your feet.

Showcase Your Assets

If you’re particularly fond of your face at a certain angle, or other features you want to highlight, accentuate them in your selfie. If you have lovely blue eyes, why not wear a blue hat in accompaniment. Consider using a backdrop that compliments your best features, and, most importantly, get creative.

Use Bright Colors

Color can be used to capture people’s attention, and bright colors will help your selfie stand out. Contrasting colors will lure people in and create interest surrounding different aspects of your photo.

Take a Selfie in a Mirror

By taking a selfie in the mirror, you’ll create an interesting, reflective effect. You could even take a selfie in a car mirror and give the impression there’s two of you!