I The Fire – ‘Disable The Ego’

I The Fire presents their new album Disable The Ego. Listen , enjoy and disable your ego.

Does ego block your brain? Couldn’t you find out the ways to drop your ego down? The tiny, little inside you, called the ego, is the main source of your anxiety, and suffering. And there is nothing more effective than music to tranquil your mind and soul, making a way for your ego to fly off. Recently in the world of music and lyrics, a new band, I The Fire, has popped its head and launched their debut record “Disable the Ego”, on Sept 5th, 2017. I The Fire is especially a melodic hard rock band from New York and their music album is the key to open the door to release our ego.

At the first glimpse, the name of the band may suggest something like aggressive and bold. But, deep down, the name of the band symbolizes the euphoria of self-empowerment. ‘Disable The Ego’ is the first album of this band, and through their songs, they are glorifying the positive energy and excitement, comes from empowering yourself. From the first song of the album, ‘Bridges’ to the last song, ‘Anthem’, I The Fire is exalting the fire of self-empowerment like a noisy bunch of exuberant singers. Do not take the word ‘noisy’ in the wrong way; the hard rock of I The Fire comes on the melodious platter.

‘Disable The Ego’ holds a bunch of anthemic and guitar-based hard rock songs, having similarities with the songs of the bands like Shinedown, Pop Evil, Nothing More, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin, etc. The album is the ideal for the modern hard rock sound of Sirius Octane radio.

Many people consider hard-rock is the aggressive genre of music; they fail to soothe the ear. It’s not true after all. All the 12 songs of ‘Disable the Ego’, seem like the wake-up call to awake your inner self, and put the strength together to stand on your feet, all by yourself. If you listen to them minutely, you will understand what they are actually trying to express. They are trying to say that we should focus on strengthening our root, from where we can the fire of energy so that we can preserve it in our inner self. This fire of energy will provide us the confidence we need to achieve success in our life.

In the song, ‘Stomp You Out’, I The Fire is not telling that you should stomp your feet out angrily, become loud to others, but burn and destroy the wrong possession, that is making a slow cavity in your mind and soul. If your ego is casting a spell on your mind, and you are becoming confined in your own little world, then it is the time to stomp out and free yourself from ego.

I The Fire’s ‘Disable The Ego’, seems like the fresh breeze in the world of hard rock. The overall presentation of the music and lyrics goes hand in hand, in the perfect harmony, following of course the traditional Americano style. ‘Disable The Ego’ deserves better prospects than just being the first debut of I The Fire.


– Jhony Johnson