A Passion for Engines

You’ve always loved engines. As a kid, you were probably found bent over the lawnmower, having completely taken it apart–just so you could put it back together. Maybe you took your bike apart or fixed a home appliance, but you’ve known for awhile that you love fixing, and you love the ways things fit together. You likely have the mind of an engineer, and you also probably attend car or airplane shows each year. For you, working on engines is a rewarding, relaxing experience. Let’s look at some of the ways a passion for engines is (or can be) making your life better.

Less Stress

Many people come home from work and destress by crashing in front of the TV. While you may enjoy an evening of televised entertainment yourself, you also have another way of relaxing–and it’s incredibly useful. For you, working on engines is a way to destress, so finding a job or hobby that’s all about engines can help you lead a more fulfilled life. Plus, your relaxation technique also produces some pretty great accomplishments, so you get that ego boost as well–knowing you did something great, while you were having fun.

A Job You Love

You may not have a job working with engines, but you might want to consider one! For you, you have the advantage of loving an activity that pays well. Many people can’t get paid to do what they love–like reading and swimming and painting. You can find a great career that incorporates your hobby of choice, whether it’s car repair or engineering. So whether you’re just starting out in the professional world, or whether you’re ready to switch professions, considering getting an ASE Automotive Degree or a degree in Mechanical Engineering to further pursue a job you love.

The Appreciation of Friends and Family

Whether you’re tinkering with your car on the weekends, or looking at new Ford vehicle research online, you don’t ever stop learning about cars. That talent will get you a lot of appreciation in life, from the spouse who’s grateful you can fix the car yourself, to the sister who calls you every time she needs engine advice, to the friend who appreciates your honest diagnostic of his or her car. An ability to understand and work with engines can make you pretty popular–since everyone needs a car, and every car needs maintenance.

You may not have realized, when you were a kid bent over that engine project, how much a love of engines would influence the rest of your life. Whether you became a car mechanic or only work with cars on the weekend, your love of how things work together has become a lifelong enjoyment, and your gift for understanding how cars work has made you a valuable employee, spouse, and friend. Whether it’s grease that never quite seems to wash out, or a line of vintage cars on your front lawn, your love of engines probably shows. You’re a fantastic passion to bring the world, and your love of engines has been nothing short of a gift.