Tony Njoku Shares Shapeshifting and Arresting New Track Remain Calm

In ‘Remain Calm’s’ lyrical micro-statement and crudely sharded synth-sound can be detected Suprematism’s ‘zero degree’ proto-abstractionist art. In an appropriate follow up from ‘Drifting Off In A Care Powered Balloon” the cosmic pavilions, synthetic horizons and social utopianism of Olafur Eliasson’s work is coded into the song’s starry arpeggios and flinty modulations.

SINIESTRO: Swedish Black/Thrash Trio Premieres “ARCTIC BLOOD” Video

With an EP and an LP in their arsenal, Swedish arctic black thrashing trio SINIESTRO has already marked their advent phenomenal in the extreme metal realm. The diabolical troop is all set to excavate their sinistrous crypt further with the upcoming EP “Arctic Blood”, to be unleashed this May 2018 through BLACK LION RECORDS.

Video Premiere: Siniestro – ‘Arctic Blood’

DRAWN AND QUARTERED: Krucyator Productions Will Release “Hail Infernal Darkness”

DRAWNED AND QUARTERED started off as Plague Bearer (which is now a side project of the guitarist Kelly) more than two and a half decade ago. Despite residing beneath the radar, the Seattle based death metal force has earned huge admiration from the critiques and the listeners because of their unconventional and dark structured song-writings. Six highly acclaimed full lengths and numerous demo and EP releases are the illustrations why D & Q’s existence in the underground is invulnerable and indestructible.

Lil Fame (M.O.P.) “Say Nothin” – 1st single off debut solo album “Walk Of Fame”

Produced by @IFRESHBEATZ – WALK OF FAME album coming soon.

SONG SUBMISSION: Cellus Hamilton – Public Privacy (feat. nobigdyl & Navelle Hice)

Cellus Hamilton has gifted us with another surprise release and this time he didn’t come alone. His new single “Public Privacy” is a lyrical exercise and features nobigdyl & Navelle Hice. Together, all three emcees skillfully rhyme over a heavy sample produced by Chicago’s Rozart. As Cellus Hamilton and nobigdyl confidently tell stories about their journey, Navelle Hice ends the song perfectly with his witty punch lines. Check out the single!

French Acid/Fuzz/Psych rockers Electric Jaguar Baby streamed new EP ‘Old Songs From Beyond’

A few days after a first audio excerpt with the single “El Diablo” and about a year after the release of its second EP ‘Moonshiner’, French acid/fuzz-rock/psych/stoner duet Electric Jaguar Baby just officially released its third ‘Old Songs From Beyond’ for Limited CD & Digital editions.

SKINNED announce new album

Firmly rooted in the Death Metal spectrum, SKINNED have since their inception in 1995, always combined styles to create their very own kind of Extreme Metal by twisting and re-shaping sub-genres, the result being a unique mix of Death Metal, dark Doom soundscapes, hyper blasts, Black Metal dramatic grotesquery and heavy slams.

NPR select Trupa Trupa as ‘ones to watch’ at SXSW

Alongside the likes of Princess Nokia, Shopping, and Superorganism, Trupa Trupa have been selected by the illustrious NPR as ones to watch at SXSW 2018.

This is what the publication had to say about our psych rock band:

“Why We’re Excited: Trupa Trupa frontman Grzegorz Kwiatkowski is a published poet, but in “To Me,” he limits his lyrical output to precisely three words: “Away / To me.” That leaves Trupa Trupa to pound out a hefty blast of warped and churning psych-rock thunder that culminates in a full-band freakout of hair-raising proportions.”