Joseph Wooten – ‘Soul Of Freedom’

Joseph Wooten sings with a fiery passion on the powerful “Soul Of Freedom”. Sounding like an instant classic, the song’s stately aura feels all-consuming. Effortlessly blending together classic rock, funk, blues, all anchored by a true sense of soul, the inspirational quality of the track feels so real. Lyrics focus on the positive, on rising above one’s own circumstances. By choosing such an elegant style the way the message grows feels outright soothing. Quite playful, the number of twists and turns Joseph Wooten embarks upon gives the piece a life-affirming quality.

Not a moment is wasted for Joseph Wooten dives right into the mix. Swelling organs and bombastic percussion adds to the massive quality of the track. Vocals have a clear-eyed concise style to them. Upon everything dropping out the song reveals a funky groove, one that allows for a great deal of flexibility. Almost loose at times the song refuses to be easily pigeonholed. The tenderness of the thoughtful lyricism focuses upon the idea of individuality, of being one’s own self. Emphasizing this importance on independence, the song goes for a defiant individualistic kick. Infinite swirls of color come into the mix while the whole thing simply glistens with a great deal of care. For the final stretch everything comes to a head in a most fantastic and delightful way.

Picked to be on The Campaign Of Love Compilation –

With “Soul Of Freedom” Joseph Wooten goes for a massive anthem, one whose hopeful spirit informs the entirety of the track.