Will Wes Drops Video “Call It All”

Louisiana rapper Will Wes cleverly and fittingly cultivated his own brand moniker of hip-hop known as Trap/Pop. While he wears ear gauges and has visible tattoos scribbled across his face and neck, it’s his extreme musical dexterity to switch between tones and genres with seamless precision that makes him a star stand out.

This phenom of a talent is signed to WAE Entertainment, Will perfectly marries sound and substance, which has often drawn comparisons to Kendrick Lamar, Tory Lanez and Travis Scott however, by creating such imaginative genre blends, he subsequently carved out his own lane. There’s a finesse in his wordplay, a vibrant bounce in the beats he chooses, a rich character in each composition. Will has been blowing minds on the underground music scene for years with nothing more than a youthful dream and a relentless passion for pushing the culture forward. One of the few artists that isn’t afraid to take chances by delivering traditional rap in an authentic way while also incorporating a contemporary vision, the prolific wordsmith is ready for the mainstream to catch up.