Drive for Uber or Lyft –Your Choice to Make

If you live in a busy city, chances are that you have used an Uber or Lyft to get to your destination at some point. These two companies are gaining popularity by the day and a great majority of people are now used to commuting with either Uber or Lyft. If you are thinking of joining one of these companies as a driver, then this post is for you.

The biggest challenge that aspiring rideshare drivers have is choosing between the two companies. With both of them doing so well and being so profitable, you might have a problem choosing the right company for you. Not to worry though; this post highlights some of the most important Lyft and Uber driver demographics that you need to consider.So,(please) read on to find out which of the two companies is the better option for you.

The popularity – Let’s be honest; although both Uber and Lyft offer the same kind of service to their customers, we can’t not ignore the fact that Uber is more popular. This means that driving for Uber will be much more lucrative than driving for Lyft. A few researches show that Uber drivers make more money in a day than Lyft drivers do because at the end of the day, the more trips you take in a day, the more money you make.

The age limit – The age limit for both companies is 21 years of age. However, this ofcourse depends on your area of residence because there are some cities where you will have to wait until the age of 23 for you to apply for a job as an Uber or Lyft driver. However, research shows that most rideshare drivers are students who are over 21 and people between the age of 30 and 40.

The earnings – In this day and age, where a great majority of people are going through tough financial times, you cannot afford to be driving across town without making some good profits. You need to make money and sustain yourself (and your family if you have one).That said, do your research, compare the earnings and go for a company that you are sure you will make money in.

The sex preferences – Male or female, anyone can become a rideshare driver. But if truth be told, this is more of a male-dominated job. If you are wondering why there are fewer female drivers, it is because the male child is less likely to be atarget of crime, especially in the late hours of the night. Furthermore, for obvious reasons, men drive faster than women, meaning that at the end of the day, they will earn more money than their fellow women drivers.

Using the following factors, make up your mind on whether to apply for ajob as an Uber or Lyft driver. However, regardless of the side you lean on, ensure that you are a certified driver with a valid driving license as proof.