Flow – Self-Titled

Flow embraces a colorful, soothing sound on the ambient bliss of their self-titled effort. Done with the utmost of taste, Flow draws from jazz, folk, incorporating slight hints of dance all nicely anchored by lush waves of sound that simply wash over it all. Melodically rich the way the many elements intermingle results in a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic aura one that feels positively inviting. Bright and airy the way the songs evolve results a true talent for form, for the spaciousness of the tracks further emphasizes the emphasis on the infinite, the pastoral beauty of nature. Songs perfectly flow, one into the other making the track lengths irrelevant as they all work together merging into a seamless whole.

“Arrival” sets the tenor of the album: quiet and reflective, the piano playing adds to the overall temperament of the album. On “Whisper Me This” Flow embraces a nimble groove with tactile percussive elements. Guitar gestures play a critical role on the intimate title track “Flow”. Bossa nova elements appears on the graceful “Waiting For Sunshine”. By far the highlight comes from the ambitious scope of “And The Sky Was” where Flow brings in elements of modern classical into the mix, resulting in a gorgeous hazy atmosphere. Resonant with its deeper bass the ornate patterns of “Tenth Life” work wonders, with the strings being a particularly fine touch. Perfectly closing the album, the beautiful “For Rosita and Giovanni” feels akin to an unspoken love letter.


On their self-titled effort Flow prove to be deft explorers of the gentler, kinder melodies of the world, resulting in such lovely tender tones.