C.K. and The Rising Tide – “Friends”

C.K. & The Rising Tide prove to be deft storytellers on the celebratory Americana of “Friends”. Sung with a great warmth and tenderness, C.K. & The Rising Tide tap into the great singer-songwriter tradition, with moments that recall Bob Dylan’s thoughtful insights. Rather poetic at times, the punchy rhythms and commanding vocals lead the way forward. Outright joyous at times the way the many layers buildup into something so energetic, the song simply teems with life. With Americana as the song’s anchor, elements of classic rock, folk, country, and a little bit of the blues filter into the overall mix. Rather unexpected at times, the many twists and turns the group employs adds to the overall heft of the track.

Not a moment is wasted as they dive deep into the soothing sound. Featuring a rustic harmonica with a wild, rambling guitar the whole thing feels downright communal. Rhythms have a physicality to them. Lyrics focus upon the ups and downs that make up an entire lifetime. Pop references and social ills rush through the entirety of the track. Vocals have a kindness to them, as they try to remain attentive to the fact that everybody is in this together. Guitars neatly merge with the drums adding to the perfect balance of it all. Articulate to its very core, C.K. & The Rising Tide offer a series of snapshots from a life lived to its fullest.


With “Friends” C.K. & The Rising Tide embark on a fantastic, freewheeling journey.