“You Say You Love Me” from Canadian duo TOPICS

Hailing originally from the prairies of Canada, the duo TOPICS are set to release their first full-length album, ‘youth shield antioxidant complex’ on March 1st. A synthesis of new wave, country, dance and minimalist electro-pop with heavy emphasis on bass guitar, synthesizer and reverb effects, TOPICS brings their shared experiences of anxiety, nostalgia, conceptions of home and gender performativity to the forefront on this diverse album.

TOPICS are a two-piece band and art collective based out of Toronto, Ontario and Regina, Saskatchewan. TOPICS are comprised of members Evan Tyler and Lauren Fournier who both grew up in Sask and attended the same art program at the University of Regina – Intermedia. Both artists moved to Toronto at different times and eventually pooled their talents into an art collective that grew into a musical endeavour with a brother/sister spirit.