Tips to pack boxes for moving on your own

Moving from one place to another is just not the matter of shifting, but it involves a lot of things. You have to prepare to move to a new place, look out for the full moving services, all the formalities of changing the address and also packing all your stuff. It can be said that the latter part is the most daunting one. There are a number of items in a house or office to be packed, and if you do not know how to pack them in the right manner, you will end up in broken stuff by the time you reach your new address. Hiring a professional packer company is undoubtedly a good idea, but they really cost a lot on your pocket. So, how to do it? The best way to pack your items is to get them packed by yourself. The packing is easy if you know how to do it correctly. So here we are with the best tips on packing your goods for transportation!

All you need to do is just organize your items to be packed and gather some good number of boxes. You will need some safety for your items as well. Follow the below-given tips, and your packing work will become easy and efficient.

Planning and organizing

You must start the planning from 2 to 3 weeks before you have to move. You must decide whether you are going to pack the items room wise or item wise. Once you start with the planning, you must know how many boxes you have to buy and decide upon their sizes. Plan all the schedule of your packing so that you can complete it a night before moving. After you have finished the planning, you will then have to buy packing supplies. Some essential packing supplies that you need are as follows:

  • Boxes for packing of suitable sizes
  • Packing tape
  • The packing papers or packing peanuts for providing padding
  • Bubble wrap for packing the fragile objects
  • Plastic wrap to pack the toiletries and other packing materials
  • Marker for labeling the boxes so that it is easy for you to unboxed the items

The size of the boxes is another important thing to be considered. If you are having plenty of small things to be packed, then you must have small boxes and some of the big boxes as well. You must adjust the number of boxes as per the size and requirement. Make sure that boxes you choose are sturdy and tough so that they can save the items from being damaged. A tip to remember is that you must always pack the heavy items in the small boxes and the light items in large boxes so that it is easy for you to carry and convey them.

Separate the items

To carry out an organized way of packing you must sought the list of items to be packed. For this, you can write down the name of items present in the rooms so that you do not miss out to pack anything at the end. The items can be separated on the basis of purpose and use so that it is easy for you to find things at the time of unpacking. Place all the small items together and pack the electrical items like the wires and cables etc in plastic papers. The items that you will need just after moving must be packed together and marked as important. This includes the items like towels, clothes, etc., that will be needed immediately. Place this box at the end so that it is easy to find. Once you have separated the items and classified, it will become very easy to pack them. You can keep the check list on your side for more organized and hassle-free packing.

How to pack non- breakable items?

Once you have planned and organized all the items and arranged all the packing appliances, it is time to start packing the objects. All the small items can be put in together in a box but packing the important non breakable items is a little different from the fragile objects. To pack the non breakable items you can follow the below given steps:

  • Wrap everything separately– before putting everything into the box, you must wrap every different item separately to be more organized and safe the items from damage. For example pack all the books separately from water bottles etc. You can use anything to pack them like news papers, old cloth etc.
  • Pack the liquid items– the packs which have liquid in them must be first packed with the plastic wrap so that it does not spill and spoil the other items. Do not use paper for such items instead you can use zipped or sealed plastic bags as well.
  • Pad the bottom of the box– it is important to provide safety to the items even if they are non- breakable. Therefore put packing peanuts in the box before putting the item.
  • Order of placing objects– put the heavy items at the bottom and lighter objects on the top. After this, you can put some extra packing peanuts for support.
  • Seal the box– pack the box with packing tape and then seal it properly. Mark the box with marker and write the name of items over it so that you know what item is in which box.

How to pack the fragile items?

This is the most common question of people when packing their fragile or breakable items. To wrap the fragile objects like glass crockery etc., you will have to take small boxes on the very first step. Provide proper padding to the box and cover the items with a bubble wrapping and then in a news paper. Place the items carefully in the box and then provide extra padding. Seal the box tightly and mark the box naming fragile and to be handled with care.

Follow the above-given tips, and you will be able to pack your own stuff like a professional and in the provided time. Hope the tips will help you to move your stuff safe and happy!