Brandon White – ‘Houston’

Brandon White sings with tenderness and passion on the lovely “Houston”. Kept to the absolute essentials, Brandon White goes for an intimate quality. Full of a true sense of devotion, the lyrics rest front and center of it all. With such a poetic take on a narrative the entire thing shimmers with a tremendous joy for life. Quite thoughtful and articulate the whole song radiates with incredible warmth, having a welcoming aura to it. His voice has a flexibility to it that allows it to unfurl with such majesty. Perfectly merging elements of country and folk into a satisfying whole the entire thing has such vivid lush color.




Not a moment is wasted for the mood is set right from the beginning. Careful guitar work acts as a perfect emphasis on the strength of his words. Sung from the point of view of a life lived to the fullest, Brandon White knows how to let his voice and guitar rise up with action. This only happens for mere flourishes, yet the subtle hues work wonders. Evolution of the song gives it a naturalistic, almost pastoral quality. Little details add to the overall sense of kindness that comes to define the entirety of the track. Refusing to ever raise its voice, the song has a meditative quality to it, allowing for the cyclical nature to further emphasis the grand journey.

With “Houston” Brandon White delivers a piece who gentle spirit touches the very soul.