The Intrigues of the Best Thriller Movies

The movie industry has grown by leaps and bounds since inception way back when. The movies pictures, as they were commonly known, are a favourite pastime for a majority of people. What are your favourites? Which genre can you not get enough of? If you look through your stack, you will answer those two questions inessay form with illustrations and diagrams no doubt.

Thriller fans cannot do without their fix. They live for the adrenalin rush.

What makes thrillers so captivating?

There are several factors that make thrillers almost addictive as far their fans are concerned:

  • There is always the good guy and the bad guy.
  • There will be a conflict involving the good guy, almost always caused by the villain.
  • The protagonist (good guy) goes through harrowing pain and near-death experiences trying to resolve the conflict. What is so captivating about this is how much you want the good guy to survive. You also want the nutcase dead.

The best thriller movies are those that have you on the edge of your seat. They have you biting your nails to the quick and biting back profanities when it seems like the antagonist is going to win. The best thrillers are the ones you binge-watch even if you know how they are going to end.

Topping the list of thriller movies is the psychological thriller.

What do psychological thrillers communicate?

Every movie tells a story and psychological thrillers fit the bill. They give a glimpse into the mental state of the characters. Some of them maybe psychotic, others may suffer from any other form mental illness including displaying stalker tendencies. The human brainis a complex organ.

You will obviously be intrigued by such kind of characters, especially if they are far removed from the humans you interact with. If your movie has a vampire or ghoul in it, even better. You might find what you find difficult to relate to be quite enthralling.

Characteristics of a good thriller

It is the rollercoaster of emotions that define good thrillers. They exhibit such characteristics as:

  • Suspense – Remember the seat-gripping mentioned earlier? If the movie ended at that point, you would probably hurl something at the screen.
  • Excitement – You just cannot sit still. Sometimes you want to run out in terror or scream in frustration.
  • Anticipation – The villain needs to die already or at the very least, lose all limbs.
  • Surprise – There is always an unexpected twist that provokes gasps of disbelief from the audience. Maybe one of the truly horrid characters turns out to be quite nice. Getting your head around the sudden change of tactics can be quite astounding.
  • Anxiety – No kidding. You may not end up seeing the shrink or booking therapy sessions, but for the time the movie lasts, it is possible to end up with a fistful of your hair in your hands.

Thrillers are exciting and really pump the blood fast but the best thriller movies will have you cracking your knuckles and fighting the urge to smash something because that awful villain has stuck around too long and the protagonist is practically gasping for air and you have cried a little too much and probably need anti-acids.