Kenny Fame – ‘Louise’

Kenny Fame connects his music instantly with any music lover. That said, he has gone on to write and record a release he made into a single titled “Louise”. Does this titled relate to someone’s namesake, or just a name because that is all it is just a name. In any case though, the track deals with the fact of race and love. How the two intertwine together is quite embracive and quite romantic. The lyrics behind this track as a single details how two people can fall in love with one another, even when those around them may just be against it. That is how this track embeds the details of the love twisted within it. The track then goes into further expression of involving more to the picture in the terms of family additions. It is in short, a very heartfelt yet very meaningful type of track. Combining so much together to create a well developed piece of material.

In the form of the actual track, in the ways of the music, the melody is very demented. It has an essence to that of R&B, pop, mixed in with some alternative elements as well. His style of choice is much like Drake, if not other modernized artists and bands of the here and now. His ways with music is just so solid, that how “Louise”, crafts itself out, is very much catchy yet harmonic with its melodic tones. It’s a track that has got lots of feeling, with loads of emotion added in for good effect. Being a track of love and family, makes it more relatable alone, the content being context with its vibrations of elements.

Whilst it may be a track that is shorten with length of time frame, it is still very gripping to the strings of emotion. But how the instrumental melodies and harmony of the track pulls you in, with the vocalization done by Kenny Fame himself, it makes up for it. Having it become a track of true talent, still very welcoming to the ears with its musical beat. That is how the track just plays out really, it has so much going for it, that it is just catching, upbeat, and very touching as well.

“Louise”, is surely a track of choice by Kenny Fame that will get your emotions running. If it does not do such a thing, then perhaps his vocal chords or the melody of the track will draw you in. Otherwise it will likely be a track that is just enjoyable to hear, no matter the circumstance in question.

By: Natalie Perez