Lights & Bridges (Tom Rossi) – “Tears Of Gold”

Lights and Bridges recalls a long-lost rustic folk vision with the blissful “Tears Of Gold”. Intimate to its very core the arrangement has a bright, airy quality to it. Over the course of the track a journey unfolds, one that feels akin to pure poetry. An evolution of the sound occurs with such ease, letting every feature ring out into the spacious sky. Dreamy to its very core Lights and Bridges chooses a tender path to explore. Melodically rich, at times Lights and Bridges recalls a whispered variation upon Benoît Pioulard’s methodology. Similar to Benoît Pioulard’s work, this too has a richness to it, a mysteriousness.

Merely a wisp of a guitar introduces the track. Delicate and cyclical the piece chooses a hypnotic rhythm. Quite pastoral, everything rings with a great clarity. Upon deeper resonant tones coming into the mix it feels as if that had always been there. Best of all and serving as the heart of the sound are those lush vocals, whose otherworldly aura sings with knowledge of a life lived to the absolute fullest. Quite beautiful Lights and Bridges allows the song to transform into a burst of brilliant color. Towards the finale everything is allowed to fully come to the forefront, if only for a fleeting moment before it all simply drifts away in a glorious haze.

With “Tears Of Gold” Lights and Bridges embarks on a fantastic voyage into a gorgeous universe, one that feels so kind.

By Jeremy O’Halloran