Toronto’s Asha Pieper – “Voices”

Asha Pieper sings with a sense of passion and urgency on the timeless “Voices”. Sounding akin to an instant classic, Asha Pieper draws from a wide swath of artists. Chamber pop serves as the framing device from which all else flows, nicely tying together the many multifaceted elements. The references stream into the proceedings with the greatest of ease ranging from Steve Reich’s precise hypnotic repetition to a modern classical quality that at times recalls Max Richter’s emotionally charged compositions. By far though the true highlight and the heart of the sound comes from Asha Piper’s assured vocals, with lyrics that have a freeform, literary quality to them.

From such a hushed sense of wonder the song starts off on a dreamy note. Every single tone radiates with incredible color. Asha Pieper’s voice comes into full bloom allowing the song to truly begin. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix with a painterly impressionistic quality. Opting for a gorgeous buildup, Asha Pieper employs patience to great effect over the course of the piece. This lends the song a natural, living breathing quality to it. Rhythms work on an emotional level as well, further emphasizing the celebratory nature that flows deep within the song’s DNA. By the final stretch of the piece it all rushes together into a big blurred sense of beauty.

With “Voices” Asha Pieper delivers an elegant, lush world, one that invites the listener to get lost in such stately melodies.

By Vince Huang