Electronic Artist Illuminatè Steele’ New Videos for “A Darker Shade of Heaven” & “Desire By Design (The God Complex) (rMx)”

Start the year off right with two new singles and accompanying music videos from electronic artist Illuminatè Steele. “A Darker Shade of Heaven” and “Desire by Design (The God Complex) (rMx).” Illuminatè adds her unique brand of avant-garde synth wave to both tracks, adding a funkier, more inclusive sound for all listeners in the underground alternative scene.

Illuminatè Steele’s latest video release “A Darker Shade of Heaven” features MN burlesque royalty Elektra Cute, and lures listeners in with a hypnotic beat and catchy chorus they’ll be singing for days. The track is the sonic embodiment of seduction, leaving listeners craving more. Between the combination of sensual lyrics and visuals, “A Darker Shade of Heaven” may be one of Illuminatè Steele’s greatest works to date. Watch the video here.

“Desire by Design (The God Complex) (rMx)” recalls the decadent simplicity and danceability of retro 80’s new wave, while simultaneously delivering a heavy hitting dose of passionately intense lyrics, bordering on a confessional and clearly not for the faint of heart. The track’s production definitely matches the mood of the track; captivating, entrancing and above all, sensual. Catch the video here.

“A Darker Shade of Heaven” & Desire by Design (The God Complex) (rMx) was written and produced by Illuminatè Steele. Both tracks were mixed at Terrarium Studios in Minneapolis, MN and mastered at Rare Form by Greg Reierson (Prince/The Cure).

The Minneapolis/Portland based artist has a full performance schedule planned for 2018. Starting with Dark Energy’s DACA Benefit at the Kit Kat Klub in Minneapolis on January 6th. Her new video “Death Mind of Projections” is set for release in March. For upcoming performances go to: shemayrunwithwolves.org.

About lluminatè Steele

l lluminatè Steele, is a multi-talented musician, published poet, producer, video editor and director. She started her career as a DJ and promoter in both Portland and Washington DC, and has developed a signature “synth wave” sound funkier, and bordering on the avant-garde, but uniquely all her own. Her latest music video release “A Darker Shade of Heaven” featuring MN burlesque royally, Elektra Cute, lends a hand in luring the viewer into a sensual feast, pleasing both the eyes, as well as the ears of listeners. The track oozes with a unique and hypnotic passion that lures listeners in, intriguing their curiosity just long enough to brand a catchy chorus in their mind. With the dark electronic drum beat that starts the song, the combination between the visual, sensual lyrics, and powerful vocal delivery, A Darker Shade of Heaven may be one of Illuminatè Steele’s greatest works to date.