New Video By David Cobo “No One”

David Cobo’s story is one of a man fighting for freedom. Freedom from social constructs, freedom from haters and freedom to speak the truth. Born in Angola and raised in Austin, Texas, Cobo is no stranger to change. In his new video for “No One,” Cobo takes us through his artistic evolution, putting his heart on his sleeve in this no-holds-barred new video.

Having discovered his passion for music at a young age, David decided to take destiny into his own hands by moving to the city upon graduating high school. Here, he started writing and recording his own music at a level he never had before. Being of such a young age, he had a lot to learn and many hours to put into his craft in order to develop his sound. His new single, “No One” showcases his fully-loaded, aggressive delivery as he fights off the people who doubted him with a heart-pounding beat and a silky-smooth chorus.

The “No One” music video starts with Cobo in his creative sanctuary, ravaging his journal, obsessively writing and rewriting lyrics by himself. When the second verse drops, he is found following the train tracks, eluding to his journey as an artist. His passion, alone, is enough for him to follow this path blindly, fueled by the desire to stick it to the ones who don’t believe in him. For the final verse, Cobo makes it to the studio, where he spills his heart out to the microphone.