7 Tips for Decorating with Candles

Have you just recently moved to a new home?  Perhaps you are simply redecorating your current home? Candles are an excellent way to accessorize your living spaces. By decorating with candles, you instantly transform the room to a mystical place, giving it a serene ambiance. In the past, candles were mostly used to provide lighting. Today, however, they have become a décor element. Here are some tips that can guide you as you choose to decorate with candles:

  1. Centerpieces – If you have been thinking about getting a perfect centerpiece for your coffee table, you should consider candles. Depending on the décor of your living room, you can select candles that come in a variety of candle holders including pastel colors, brush strokes or hand painted, patterned and so much more. Cluster them together or add some flower pots or hard cover books and you have the perfect centerpiece.
  2. Scented candles – Since candles come in a variety of scents including fruity and herbal scents, you need to pick aromas that are well matched for each space. One of the common scents is cinnamon apple. By properly matching scents, you avoid having overpowering smells. It is also a good idea to go with unscented candles at the dinner table.
  3. If you have a fireplace, then you have a perfect space to light up your candle collection. You can actually put together pillar candles and line them on the fireplace. These will give off wonderful scents while creating an eye catching arrangement for your mantel.
  4. Safety – You have to consider safety whenever you decorate with candles. It is important that you never light a candle and then leave it unattended. Worse still, never leave a candle burning and go to sleep. Be sure to light your candles and place them on surfaces that are resistant to fire and where there are no fabrics.
  5. Wall candleholders – You can purchase a variety of candles for sale to use with candleholders that go on the wall. Usually, these come with multiple slots for the candles. They can be as few as 2 or even as many as 14 holders in one piece. They fall in the category of wall décor, and the candles add a beautiful touch, especially when they are in colors, patterns and designs that match your décor.
  6. Romantic décor – Candles can be used in the bathroom and bedroom to create a very romantic atmosphere. You don’t have to light them only on special occasions such as anniversaries or on Valentine’s Day! They work their magic all year round. You can place them on the bedframe on either side, or on various cabinets so that they provide a serene, yet romantic feel to the room. The soft lighting also accentuates the mood, making them ideal.
  7. Accents – People who live in homes with little natural light should make use of candles to provide the additional lighting they need. This means that the candles will serve a practical purpose while providing aromatherapy and adding aesthetic value as well.