6 Ways Music Makes Your Life Better

Everything in life gets better with music and while some people may ask one to elaborate such a statement, the majority of mankind know the truth behind this fact empirically. Not only can music make some of the most mundane chores into fun activities but there is also a saying that you can learn all you need to know about the person by looking at their soundtrack. Pretentious as this may sound, there is definitely a method to this madness.

You see, songs like Imagine by John Lennon and The Man in Black by Johnny Cash have strong stances about the world and its cultural norms, which means that they might even be able to reveal one’s political standpoint. Furthermore, a lot of people develop their musical taste under the influence of their parents or older siblings, which is why it may reveal one’s background without a single question asked. Overall, music plays a huge role in our society and in our lives as individuals and here are six most prominent ways in which it makes our lives better.

1.      Rest and relaxation

When it comes to the idea of listening to the music, a lot of people envision the situation where they are alone, sitting in their room, playing an evergreen they’ve always turned to in such moments. Songs like What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and Your Latest Trick by Dire Straits are the first songs that come to mind. Still, while some people may assume that this is strictly subjective, there are certain songs that are scientifically proven to be relaxing.

2.      Boosting one’s creative efforts

The next thing that a song is capable of is boosting your creative efforts. Music, as we all know it, is capable of evoking strong emotions, which can create a moment of inspiration. In the previous section, we talked about music that helps you relax, however, what if you didn’t want to relax at all. For instance, imagine yourself as a horror story writer, trying to immerse in the role of a character running from a serial killer. Aggressive music like heavy metal can definitely cause such a sensation.

3.      Exercise enhancer

Some tunes, like Eye of the Tiger and The Final Countdown, are so iconic as exercise songs that it isn’t at all uncommon to hear them while you’re at the gym. In fact, when it comes to the exercise, motivation is everything, which is why a song like Remember the Name might help you make that extra push when you would otherwise give up. The importance of playing the right music is especially important during your cardio training, which can be arduous and even boring otherwise.

4.      More interesting commute

While driving with buds in your ears may be a dangerous practice that we would have to advise you against, it is nearly impossible to imagine a road trip without a great soundtrack. Same goes for your cycling efforts. You see, commuting through the crowded urban areas on your bike is something that requires all of your senses. However, cycling through the surrounding area is a whole different story. This is why, if you plan a cycling trip, while browsing for mountain bikes that suit you, you might also want to think about the songs to include on this list.

5.      Better performance at work

Another thing that should be taken into consideration is a fact that the right soundtrack, at the right time, might have the chance to significantly boost your work performance. For instance, if you are doing a creative job, then a classical music might help you focus. When it comes to this, Bach and Handel are usually the first two composers to be recommended. On the other hand, people who are negotiators or in the sales department might want to listen to something a bit more aggressive beforehand, just so they get in the mood.

6.      Creating a romantic atmosphere

Finally, if there’s one thing that music can do it’s – create the right romantic atmosphere. Sure, preparing a delicious meal, lighting up the candles and dimming the lights might be quite impactful on their own but in order to really set the mood, you need the right love song. When it comes to this, Barry White is simply second to none, however, Isaac Hayes and Marvin Gaye can be equally as effective. In this way, the right tune at the right moment can turn your love life around.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, while music can sometimes be a goal great enough on its own, its greatest power is that of an enhancer, a catalyst. In order to see the full extent to which this goes, all you need to do is imagine yourself as a movie character and create the playlist that follows you around. Here, you need your theme song, your victory song, the tune that follows you when you’re down and, of course, your bounce back theme. With these on your side, everything in your life will seem to be painted in more vivid colors.