Houey Freeman – “Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)”

Hip-Hop producer Houey Freeman, formerly known as Ash RA, drops his new single “Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)” and it’s a HOT one! This track also features: The Band of the Hawk (Breeze, Yeaux Majesty, Noah Archangel) & J Hope and together they are tearin’ the roof off the damn thing. “Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)” is just a little taste of what’s to come with Houey Freeman’s debut LP, ‘Godbody Jones’, on the way and the hype is already in full effect.

Song link: http://bandofthehawk.com/tracks/a/dirty_dollars_reloaded

Right off the bat I hear a real, slick rhyme flow and bangin’ beats that bounce. It’s all about the freestyle here as Houey Freeman & company are makin’ it rain on the mic. “Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)” is a slammin’ mix that had me constantly movin’ & swayin’ with my headphones on. The rap style is smooth and “Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)” is just straight fire. Houey Freeman and The Band of the Hawk are not messing around on this track as I was in the zone and diggin’ the overall sound & delivery. I can’t wait to hear the upcoming album from Houey Freeman because “Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)” is all that and a bag of chips and that’s a fact Jack!


By Jimmy Rae (jrae2@att.net)