New Video By Sarah Ragsdale “Ferris Wheel”

It might seem like just yesterday that we introduced you to the whimsical sounds of Sarah Ragsdale and her “This Kiss” video. The lighthearted, sunny romp has everything we’ve come to expect from this dazzling artist. Song, dance, hooks, musicianship, and an abundance of smiles. With a winning formula like that, why change the recipe?

For her new video, “Ferris Wheel,” Sarah strips down the production and goes guerrilla at the county fair. As the viewer follows her around the grounds, she plays some games, playfully interacts with the camera, and of course hops on the rides, including the big bright wheel in the sky. In fact, at times Sarah looks a little distracted from the task at hand, with the temptation of her next adventure already popping into her mind. Her playful nature is on full display and confirms that Sarah is this ebullient and cheery all the time!