Lyrics of Two – ‘Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home’

Lyrics of Two celebrate the joy of togetherness with the poignant “Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home”. Exploring the pointed difference between a house (where someone resides) to home (a word that expresses a greater level of warmth and welcoming spirit) everything simply works within the song. The song drifts by with a regal sort of grace. Over the course of the piece Lyrics of Two employ a painterly approach to song craft, allowing every detail to shimmer and shine. With lyrics that focus upon the joy that comes with caring for others, the inspirational message lingers in the mind.

Keeping the arrangement simple yet effective, the piano’s tones resonate with their stately spirit. Drums have a low-key approach while they embrace a loose, jazz-like approach. By far the true heart and soul comes from the thoughtful lyricism, as Lyrics of Two chooses to wonder upon a greater world, one that embraces togetherness, that celebrates bringing so many to work towards a common goal. Allowing for a great detail of spaciousness, the many layers work together to delve into a nearly dreamy whole. Over the course of the track Lyrics of Two sing directly from the heart, delivering a message of optimism one that wants something more out of the world, a better world. Never losing its cool, Lyrics of Two lets the song gain a cyclical style one that gives it a soothing relaxing quality.

On “Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” Lyrics of Two create a beautiful world.

By Nick Scent