Can You Build Muscle With Cardio Exercise? Here’s What You Should Know!

Cardio has its own secrets when it comes to health and fitness. Engaging in too much can actually burn fat fast, but also eat away into your muscle mass. The key to gaining muscle while doing cardio is to balance your nutrition, workout plan and rest. Your body does not actually grow muscle mass during the workout, but between the sessions. We can understand how it can confuse anyone, so here’s a brief list of typical cardio workouts to help you know what to avoid.


This form of cardio helps blood circulation to the muscles and helps them “breathe.” That means less accumulation of lactic acid (fatigue) and improvement of muscle tone. It includes activities like stair climbing, jogging, walking, and cycling. The idea is to keep your heart rate between 100 and 120.

Alactic Intervals

Alactic intervals target all the fast-twitching muscle fibers in your body. The exercises include jumping exercises, medicine ball throws, and short sprints. These should be in intense repetitions and sets last about 10 to 15 seconds only. You should be on a 1 to 5 work to rest ratio.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Aerobic or anaerobic interval training methods involve conditioning exercises. These include longer and harder sprints. Start slowly in your early days and then move on to 3 sets of 5 reps. HIIT exercises are great for burning fat, but they do not help with muscle building.

If you are trying to work your HIIT workouts and Alactic Interval routines to burn fat, you should supplement your regular diet with anabolic steroids. These are muscle building steroids that also help with torching fat. With the daily controlled intake of anabolic steroids, you will find it much easier to burn belly fat and gain lean muscle will all kinds of cardio. Try to buy steroids for saleto save a few bucks and still look great!

Aerobic cardio

To build muscle while burning fat, you should focus on aerobic cardio. Cardio can help you retain muscle mass in 3 different ways:

The cardio workout can assist in muscle recovery.

Cardio can help your body’s metabolic rates.

Cardio makes it much easier for all fitness enthusiasts to transition between bulking and cutting.

More importantly, cardio helps people improve their cardiac output. Workout regimes such as the Cardiac Output Development aim at strengthening the left ventricle. It promotes the pumping action and keeps the ejection factor within a healthy range. It increases the overall pumping capacity and decreases the heart rate. A decrease in heart rate always relates to longer life spans and more robust metabolism levels.

To get a kick start in life, stop worrying and start with cardio. It can help you repair heart muscles, relieve overall muscle fatigue and keep you in shape for a lifetime.