Kimié Miner Releases ‘Electrify Me’ Official Lyric Video

Singer-songwriter Kimié (pronounced Kim-mi-Yay) Miner manages to create an inimitable musical style that dresses the listener in a flowing _mu’umu’u_ on a cool beach, easily mistaken for paradise. Growing up on an island surrounded by the ocean was a formative experience for Kimié, and an experience that can be distinctly heard through her work. Her melodies embody a loose, down-to-earth feel, and her lyrics create a universal imagery that transcends ethnicity, gender, age, and musical genre.

Slated for a career-defining 2017, Kimié’s new album will certainly mark a new chapter in her life and career. “I’m older now. I’m more comfortable in my skin as a woman. The theme of this album is the strength of women, beauty found in femininity. Also there’s the theme of air. A birds eye view perspective. Growth. becoming more independent.”

“I wrote this song after experiencing a crazy thunder storm in Kohala on the Big Island. I saw lighting strike the earth and dance across the sky fearlessly like a heartbeat. Electrify Me is about being awoken by my fears and opening my eyes to all the beauty that comes after the storm. Itʻs about appreciating the simple things and realizing their value and what it took for them to exist, like a rainbow or a hug from a loved one after a long trip.”

Photo Credit: Brooke Dombroski