So today we are so excited to have the talented and musically inspired, Sam Rochford. Sam Rochford (pronounced ROTCH-ford) is a 25 year old Connecticut native now living in Nashville. Her latest single release, “So Easy” is charting nationally on the New Music Weekly country chart Top 65 and the IndieWorld Country Record Report, the world’s first independent country chart. You also need to check out her constant flow of videos on YT & FB. Lets chat with Sam Rochford!

Skope: Where are we talking from today and how are you getting ready for 2018?

I’m talking to you now from Nashville, TN. I’m getting ready for 2018 by writing as much new music as possible, and meeting as many people as possible in the music industry in Nashville. It’s amazing how much you can learn from other creative people even if they’re making music or art completely different from your own. I’m getting ready for 2018 by just learning as much as possible and opening myself up to new experiences.

Skope: What are 2 musical goals you accomplished in 2017 that you are proud of?

I released my first single called “So Easy” which I’m really proud of. I didn’t know what to expect releasing that song, I knew my friends and family would like it and support it but I’ve been really blown away that complete strangers are connecting with it, and supporting my career.

I set a goal for myself for the month of October to write a song every day and make a video every single day. It was inspired by visual artists that challenge themselves to draw every day calling it “inktober”. I didn’t get to write or make a video every single day, the largest road block being that I lost my voice towards the end of the month, but I definitely exceeded my own expectations. I was proud of not only completing the challenge, but writing something I was proud of, I just learned I’m capable of much more than I thought.

Skope: When did music go from your passion to something that you could turn into a career?

It didn’t happen overnight! Performing and writing music has always been an intense hobby of mine, but I only released this first single officially this year. I’ve been performing in public since high school, and making YouTube videos for years before this point. Even though I’ve always been passionate about music, I don’t think I had the skills required to really make it a career until recently. It took years of dedication to writing and performing to get to the place I am today.

Skope: What is the # 1 project you are working right now and where can we stream new music?

Well the thing I’m promoting right now is my first single “So Easy” that I wrote for my little sister’s wedding. You can stream that wherever you get digital music, but my favorite platform is Spotify.

Skope: How much time per week do you spend doing music & promo?

It really depends on the week! This week I traveled to Georgia and Knoxville to network with musicians, and play on a local news station. I also spent hours doing radio interviews, practicing new material, and planning new YouTube videos. Some weeks I don’t have to travel as much, but I spend hours meeting people in the music industry in Nashville. Being a musician is weird because there’s no guidebook for success or what you need to be working on. When you want to become a doctor you go to school, study the right textbooks, and after a certain amount of time and energy, you’re a doctor. That sort of step by step process doesn’t exist for being a professional musician!

Skope: What is coming up for Sam Rochford and where can we FOLLOW you?

Coming up you can look for new original and cover songs on Facebook and YouTube, you can also look for more professionally released music this year. You can find links to all my music and social media on my website: