Cheap Mechanical Keyboard – Top 10 Picks & Buying Tips

Having a flashy keyboard is a desire of every gamer who loves to be in the virtual world of gaming all the time.  Mechanical keyboards are the favorite one of a hardcore gamer as well as other user. For many, it is no less than an addiction to them. These Mechanical keyboards are expensive as hell and meant for the one with deep pockets. Though, this doesn’t mean that people with tight budget can’t have it.  To all the readers reading this content, the search of Cheap Mechanical Keyboard has brought you here. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

 What are mechanical keyboards?

It has spring activated key switches let the users type as fast as they can.  The keyboard is built with high quality, and its key switches are based on the users’ preference and Keyboard’s application.  In simple words, they are kind of smarter than standard keyboards.

Cheap Mechanical Keyboard – top 10 picks

G610 Orion Brown Back (Logitech)

Perfect for gamers as with every key-press, get a bumpy feeling plus it doesn’t make noise at all. It also has:

  • Keyboard lightening is customizable
  • Adjustable key light
  • Has custom macros and get keys from F1 to F12
  • Get a Logitech’s gaming software with it
  • Customized gaming models

Redragon K552 Kumara LED

This economical yet powerful mechanical keyboard let players have best gaming experience ever.

  • Has splash-proof design
  • 87 standard free keys along with 12 multimedia keys
  • Adjustable LED lighting and custom keys
  • Offer crystal clear display
  • Durable and responsive keyboard
  • Custom sound switches
  • With backlight feature, it can be used as a regular keyboard
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Razer Blackwidow

It looks good yet ideal for people with tight budget. This multi-awarded keyboard has following things:

  • Mechanical razer switches ( highly upgraded)
  • Functional green switches
  • Customs control over lights
  • Durable yet cheap and comes with two-year warranty
  • Individually programmed & customized
  • Backlit keys offer awesome lighting effect

Tomoko 87 Key Light

This is known as the under the budget keyboard. It features are:

  • Has anti-ghost technology along with n-key rollover and thus highly responsive
  • get Independent switches
  • Superior audio quality with good tactile feedback
  • Get six different kinds of backlight along with nine different lightening arrangement
  • Drop and water resistance

Corsair Vengeance K65

The portable and compact keyboard offer best gaming experience.

  • Inaudible clicking and offers ultra-fast taps
  • Highly durable
  • Fast & super responsive keyboard
  • Look professional
  • However, it doesn’t have LED lights
  • Best for frequent travelers
  • Reasonable price

G410 Atlas Spectrum RGB (Logitech)

This one is different from other mechanical keyboards as it has mechanical switches in it known as Romer-G.

  • It offers accuracy and has ten-keyless design
  • Portable and fits everywhere
  • Compatible with all current versions of windows
  • Get best gaming experience
  • Customizable lightening but only limited to RGB

Razor Ornata Chroma

It offers soft cushion like touch and has a dome shape keycaps.

  • Anti-ghosting machine
  • Highly durable
  • Razor synapse can easily control backlit and lighting
  • It has a wrist rest extension and extremely comfortable
  • Offers 10-key rollover
  • Tactical feedback is not so great
  • Economical

Aukey Mechanical Keyboard

It let users type fast on the keyboard and comes with an anti-ghosting feature.

  • Durable along with being inexpensive
  • Keys offer great feedback
  • It makes clicking sound and might not be ideal for those who don’t like noise
  • Get appreciable switch delivery
  • Built with steel and ABS
  • Have six backlights

Cooler Master keys

It is best for those who like beautiful designs and response.

  • Provide high durability and quick actions
  • Get satisfying mechanical switches
  • Comes with RGB backlights system
  • Get adjustable lightening

Qisan Mechanical Mini Keyboard

It is the portable one which is portable and easy to use at the same time.

  • Compatible with Mac OS and windows
  • Get smooth keys
  • Comfortable
  • Get removable cable along with a USB port
  • Available in only one color, i.e., white silver

Mechanical keyboard (cheap) – buying tips for newbie’s

First of all, never misunderstand the word “cheap” as it means mechanical keyboards that aren’t very expensive, but they do have some price.  They might be not as good as the super expensive keyboards but not less them as well. We are going to see mechanical keyboards under $ 100  but first, let’ s get gain some knowledge before rushing for them.

Know the terms & lingo

You can be either writer or gamers as such keyboards are mostly considered by them. So, it would be better if you have some idea about your type needs. Get to know switches, know what are you looking to do with that keyboard? Is it about writing? Or you want it for playing games? It further includes clicks, feels, and switches, bump and travel distance.

 Your budget

I know we are talking about cheap keyboards, but your budget still matters.  Some super cheap keyboards sound amazing at first but not even last for a month.  Buying a $40 mechanical keyboard might be a good idea from your point of view but trust me it is not even worth buying. Such mechanical stuff is meant to last longer than standard keyboards.  Do not rush out for buying one because you need it; set a budget between $80- $100 and collect money if you don’t have it.

Decide model & quality

Even if you are buying a keyboard for $100, it is not cheap as this much of many have some worth. In this budget, it is possible to get the desired model build with high-quality stuff. Hunt down models at first to know which model does the work for you.

So, consider the entire article and get yourself a durable yet cheap mechanical keyboard.